Granger banquet

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have had to adjust to an entirely new way of experiencing major scholastic events. Last Tuesday evening, May 5, Granger ISD held a virtual athletic banquet to honor their student athletes for the 2019-20 school year. The awards were announced by newly appointed athletic director Coach Stephen Brosch.

This season the number of awards increased from seven to eight with the addition of Travis Miller Service award that was awarded to the Miller family. The award will become an annual award presented to a graduating senior student athletic who embodies the characteristics and personality of an unselfish individual who puts others before himself or herself.

The seven other awards presented were, Female Newcomer of the Year, Elizabeth Martinez, Male Newcomer of the Year, DJ McClelland, Lion Spirit Award, Madison Donahue Lion Fighting Heart Award, Carlos Garza, Female Athlete of the Year, Audrey Messex, Male Athlete of the Year, Carlos Reyna, and lastly the Robert Cervenka Patriot Award - Mike Dresser.

Following the presentation of awards each coach from the Granger Athletic Department spoke praising and thanking their student athletes for all their hard work during their respective seasons.

“We had a great year in the Lady Lions athletic program. Volleyball ending a curse, basketball ending a curse, it only sets the standards for next year that we can strive to do even better. I’m so proud of our program,” said volleyball Coach Anissa Lopez.

Seasons most effected by pandemic included baseball, softball, and track and field at the school.

“It’s a shame our baseball season got cut short, but we worked hard, had fun and made a lot of memories,” said baseball Coach Kody Kuhl.

The Lady Lions softball program continued the winning trend that the fall girls’ programs experienced and were on their way to finishing strong.

“Sometimes in life the only thing is a fair is a ball hit between first and third,” said Granger softball coach Jennifer Fudge.

Lady Lions basketball coach Brock Miller closed out the comments reflecting upon the joys and sadness of the past season in sports and in life.

“Mine is a simple message of thank you. Thank you, parents, for your sacrifice and allowing me the privilege of coaching coach your son or daughter. I saw more support in the stands than I have any year since I’ve been here, it was an honor to let you see what we see every day,” said Coach Miller.

The virtual banquet concluded with a short video looking back at the memories of the 2019-20 Granger athletic seasons.

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