Just as things were starting to pick up in strength and conditioning camps at Taylor, Thrall and Granger, the workouts came to a screeching halt.

All three schools, last week, suspended activities. The schools are slated to resume workouts sometime between July 3 and July 13.

“As a precautionary measure and the safety of our athletes, we have decided to suspend all Summer workouts,” said Taylor AD Coach Robert Little. At this time, our plan is to resume with our Summer schedule for SAC as well as Skills workouts on July 6.”

News of the shutdown for Taylor athletes came shortly after a student had reported testing positive last week, which turned out to be a false alarm.

“Although we do not believe that any of our athletes have tested positive or show signs of having COVID - 19, we feel that at this time we should err on the side of caution with our athletes and staff, and thus have made the decision to suspend our Summer Strength and Conditioning Workouts,” said Little.

On June 22 Granger, Granger ceased their camp after learning that several student athletes may have been exposed to the virus by someone from outside their immediate family that had tested positive.

“While no Granger student athlete or family member has tested positive for COVID 19 that we are aware of, we are suspending all workouts until further notice,” said Granger Superintendent Randy Willis. “While the athletic department is closed, all areas and equipment will be thoroughly sanitized. GISD will continue to monitor the situation with a goal of reopening our strength and conditioning summer workouts on or about July 13.”

Recent increasing numbers of COVID cases also shutdown summer workouts in Thrall.

Per the Thrall ISD website this announcement was made.

Thrall ISD Administration has decided to cancel all school student events and practices scheduled for June 22-June 26, as a proactive measure. The district had already planned to be closed for school student activities the week of June 29-July 3. These two weeks of no school events and practices place protection and safety for our students and staff above any activities. 

With cases rising, the slow crawl return to sports has seemingly slowed even more as the question of will there be fall sports still lingers.

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