Lions D too much freeze for Frost

Friday September 6 the Granger Lions defense picked up right where they left off last week, this time against the visiting Polar Bears from Frost, taking them down big and early 56-21.

On just the second play of the game Carlos Reyna nabbed the Lions second pick 6 in as many games in the 2019 season. The Lions would go on to score touchdowns on their next five offensive possessions heading into halftime leading 49-0.

In the second half the varsity players took the remainder of the night to let the JV squad get some good playing time. The youngsters would add another 7 points to the Lions count to finish off Frost.

QB Thomas Rhoades completed 83% of his passes for 89 yards and a touchdown.  Carlos Reyna not only had a night on the defensive side, but on the offensive as well as he racked up 117 yards on just 6 carries and 3 touchdowns.  Also totting the rock for big gains were Donnie Cantwell 10 carries for 88 yards and a touchdown, Tripp 3 carries for 32 yards and a touchdown,

Wyatt Bolding was Rhoades’ favorite target Friday night hauling in 4 catches for 24 yards Johnny Ryder had 1 catch in the game, a 51-yard pass from Rhoades that ended in a touchdown, he also contributed a 6-yard touchdown run.

Nathan Flores led the Lions in tackles with 4 as the Lions defense forced Frost to punt five times before the end of the first half.

In the game the Lions had 343 yards of total offense in thirteen and a half minutes of possession. The Lions will once again be at home this Friday night as they host Meridian, who have yet to score this season.

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