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Another area Athletic Director/Head Football Coach will be moving on to begin a new chapter in their careers. Coach Walt Brock will be stepping down from the position at Granger and taking on the same role at Schulenburg ISD.

In his three seasons at Granger Coach Brock finished with an overall record of 25-12, making the playoffs in each of his seasons. the last two seasons the Lions brought home back-to-back Area Championships to the football program.

Since arriving at Granger Coach Brock had one motive, to make the athletic department program better.

“When you arrive at a place you want to leave it better than when you got there. I believe that from all sports it’s a lot better,” Coach Brock said. “The kids have worked hard, fought hard and I’m proud of them.”

Under Brock’s AD guidance the Lady Lions volleyball team earned a postseason appearance for the first time after a ten-year absence. The Lady Lions basketball program also made great strides, also making the playoffs after a dry spell.

The situation we are globally facing made things just a little bit harder for Coach Brock.

“The hardest part is with all the COVID-19, I’d like to be there to talk to the kids and I can’t,” Brock said.

The Schulenburg Shorthorns are rich in tradition in all sports. They finished 6-5 last season in 3A action. In February’s reclassification and realignment, the school moved to 2A.

“Ill always be appreciative of the guys and all the playoff runs we had. The times we had to work with those kids and build those relationships. We all had such a great time at Granger. We cant say enough about the kids, the parents and the community,” Brock said.

Looking back Coach Brock shared one of his best memories in his time at Granger

“One of the best moments was first year, when Ryan Pickett stiff armed the kid from Snook to score the winning touchdown that put us in the playoffs. That’s what started it all,” Brock said.

Indeed, athletics are better in Granger as the community must now search for newer guidance.

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