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On Friday night, the Taylor Ducks came away with a big win over the Navarro Vikings in a non-district home competition 61-40.

Both teams battled back and forth deep into the first quarter. The Ducks managed to come out on top with a 15-13 edge after one.

To open up the second quarter the Ducks were able to cause a major momentum shift as they started moving the ball around to get quick shots up and they crashed the boards aggressively which forced an opponent timeout right out the gate.

The Ducks were continuously able to get second shot attempts which helped them considerably as they outscored the Vikings 22-9. The first half ended 37-22 as the Vikings started to fade away heading into the locker room at the break.

As the second half started, you could see how much more confident and comfortable Taylor looked, not only due to the fact that they had established a solid lead.

Navarro appeared to struggle to get any kind of offensive flow going as the game continued on in the second half. The Ducks took the third frame 13-10 extending their lead to 50-32.

With a comfortable lead Taylor Head Coach Brandon Greene was able to make full 5 roster substitutions comfortably with the way that they were playing.

The Ducks finished off the Vikings outscoring them 11-8 in the fourth quarter.

Taylor managed the game well and the game got to the point where they could get whatever shot they wanted whenever they wanted it. While in transition, the Ducks were also able to highlight their speed when tested.

 Connor Cobb led Taylor with 17 points.  Iroquis Jones added 9, and Taelor Derry contributed 8.

Taylor will be back on home court against the Rudder Rangers on Tuesday Dec. 29.

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