Granger football

Recently the District 13-2A football season released their All-District honors. The 2020 Bi-District champion and Area Finalist Granger Lions hauled in accolades on all both sides of the ball.

“I was very pleased with the performance of our student athletes when it came to our All-District Selections. The Lions were represented extremely well on both sides of the football,” said Coach Stephen Brosch.

Co-Offensive MVP

Johnny Ryder WR

1st Team All-District Defense

DJ McClelland ILB

Donnie Cantwell ILB

Dwayne Gaida DL

Johnny Ryder FS

2nd Team All-District Defense

Tripp Wilkie OLB

Nate Tucker CB

Luis Reyna DL

Thomas Rhoades FS

1st All-District Offense

Thomas Rhoades QB

Donnie Cantwell RB

Dwayne Gaida OL

Luis Reyna OL

2nd Team All-District Offense

DJ McClleland ILB

Tripp Wilkie TE

Alex Rodriguez OL

Evan Hutka WE

1st Team Honorable Mention

Jordan Rhoades OL

Daryl Stefek OL

Michael Selucky OLB

Issac Lizardo CB

Abraham Cadena OLB

1st Team Academic All-District

Issac Lizardo

DJ McClelland

Johnny Ryder

Nate Tucker

Thomas Rhoades

Evan Hutka

Lucas Matta

Hunter Prinz

Alex Rodriguez

Victor Godinez

Jordan Rhoades

Daryl Stefek

Tripp Wilkie

“One thing you really can hang your hat on is the fact that we had our biggest academic all-district team in this decade. Not only win a Co-district title, a Bi-district title, but our young men did a phenomenal job in the classroom as well,” said Brosch.

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