All Star

East CenTex All-Fall Sports Team

This fall season has concluded with great performances despite the ongoing pandemic.

We have gathered the names of the best of the best from eleven schools in the East Williamson County area east of the 130-toll.

We want your vote on the top athlete from each school for a total of 11 members. Voting is open as of today and will run through Jan. 20 at 5p.m. Your votes can be emailed to or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Schools included are Taylor, Thrall, Granger, Hutto, Bastrop, Holland, Rockdale, Thorndale, Milano, Bartlett, and Elgin.

The collection of student athletes to vote upon are from volleyball and football and are listed below.

Taylor Ducks

Bryson Bass                           

Luke Schneider                                  

Daniel Mendoza

Eathan Sanchez

Blake Whitlow                                                           

Mackenzie Watson                

Maggie Ryines           

Aniston Silverthorn 

Kiera VanBrocklin 

Sarah Vrabel


Granger Lions

Thomas Rhoades                   

Johnny Ryder

DJ McClelland

Donnie Cantwell                                

Dwayne Gaida

Tripp WIlkie

Carsyn Locklin-bilbrey

Macey Lopez

Alexi Wade

Erin Kirkwood

Thrall Tigers

Dallas Meiske

Colter Hill

Tyreke Irvin

Blair Neighbors

Kerrigan Hooker

Aaliyah Couch

Melaina Grissom

Mia Moellenberg

Isabelle Herrera

Addison Leschber

Hutto Hippos

Landyn Watson

Braylon Sugg

Brody Bujnoch

Jai Lambert

Grayson Doggett

Avery Mercer

Kamryn Haynes

Akire Jones

Rose Matlock

Katie Albritton

Elgin Wildcats

Hailey Girod 

Makiah Grant

Cpeeritt Plummer

Kirsten Gonzalez

Emma Nideg  

Peter McFarlin

Willie Simmons

Jordan Hood

Lyndon Rangel

Devin Manor

Bartlett Bulldogs

Jarrod Cooper

Ja’Viere Polynice

Kenneth Smith

Jason Barrera

Joseph Garza

Flor Torres

Hemeli Barrera

Kieley Kampos

Mia Rodriguez

Aubrey Cortez

Milano Eagles

McKenna Robertson

Peyton Robertson

Karyme Santana

Josh Miller

Hector Munoz

Greg Storey

Ryan Blakely

Weston Averett

Holland Hornets

JC Chaney

Ayden Tomasek

Josh Evans

Ashton Morris

Marshall Mays

Jennah Hargrove

Tessa Burton

McKenzie Dickey

Mary Kriczky

Allyson Kurtz

Thorndale Bulldogs

Coy Stutts

Cayden Nicholson

Stryker Leschber

Maddoz Rubio

Hayden Kylberg

Mason Lindig

Abby Dickerson

Kyndal Robinson

Ashley Pesl

Landri Martinka

Rockdale Tigers

KeSean Raven

Cam'Ron Valdez

Anthony Dansby

Alex Ellison

Yolianna Castillo

Emma Whitsel

Haven Jimenez

Averie Hobbs

Julie Bartsch

Bastrop Bears

Crystal Creek

Layne Ellsworth

Kaitlyn Parsons

Katelyn Goertz

Briana Mutschink

Seth Mouser

Demire Thompson

Christian Lopez

Cayden Scott

Brett Rice

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