Taylor started volleyball practice Monday in accordance with University Interscholastic League (UIL) COVID-19 guidelines that stipulated that high schools 4A and below start practices on Aug. 3. With the new guidelines set July 21, high schools across the state have had to scramble to modify their schedules and the style in which practices are held to conform to these changes.

“Our practices are going really well,” says Lady Ducks Head Coach Kate Kennedy. “We have seen lots of improvement with the players throughout the week.”

Safety precautions have been implemented during practices.

Players must wear a mask when not active on the court, and they must maintain social distancing. They must provide their own water and towel and cannot share with other players.

If a player is sick, they are encouraged to stay home, and let coaches as soon as possible.

Kennedy said the Lady Ducks have adjusted well to the changes in the way practices are held.

“[COVID-19] and UIL guidelines aren’t affecting our practices too much,” she said. “We just have to keep reminding the players to have their mask on when not on the court. It takes a little time out of practice, but not too much. Then we have to sanitize the equipment.”

While practices have seen dramatic adjustments, Taylor’s current game schedule has changed only slightly.

“The only update as of right now is when we play at Florence, only JV and varsity will be playing,” Kennedy said. “I’m anticipating a few changes in the next few days as we see more schools coming up with protocols.”

The first scrimmage of the season was held with no fans in attendance according to a post on the Taylor ISD website.

“In an effort to follow guidelines set forth by the UIL, [for] the safety of the teams that will be in attendance, support personnel and officials, we will not allow fans to be in attendance.”

The future of the season could face the possibility of interruptions.

“Not sure how the rest of the season will be, hopefully after our scrimmages we will have a better view on what the rest of the season will look like,” Kennedy said.

Taylor is currently scheduled to play at home against Giddings Aug. 11.

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