Taylor Tennis

This past Saturday, August 24 the Taylor Ducks tennis team broke even in matches against Academy and Gatesville.

 The Ducks fell to the Bumblebees 6-13 overall, winning sets were; Jackson Schroeder/Rhett Richardson won Boys Doubles 8-3 Uriel Flores/Raven O'Bier won Mixed Doubles 9-8 (7-3 in the tie-breaker), Casey Weison won Girls Singles 8-6, Ryan Kennick won Boys Singles 9-7, Jake Jansky won Boys Singles 8-6 and Uriel Flores won Boys Singles 8-6. Two close matches that could have gone either way in Boys Doubles were, Ryan Kennick/Trey Boles lost 7-9, Hayden St. Claire/Jake Jansky lost 6-8)

 Against Gatesville the Ducks came out on top winning 10-9 winning sets in those matches included; Ryan Kennick/Trey Boles won 8-5, Hayden St. Claire/Caleb Nunamaker won 9-7, Jackson Schroeder/Jake Jansky won Boys Doubles 8-4, Uriel Flores/Raven O'Bier won Mixed Doubles 8-2, Kaylynn Johnson won Girls Singles 8-6, Ryan Kennick won Boys Singles 8-6,Trey Boles won Boys Singles 8-5, Hayden St Claire won Boys Singles 8-5, Jackson Schroeder won Boys Singles 8-3, Jake Jansky won Boys Singles 8-4.

Next on the schedule for the swinging Ducks is a road match against Weiss Thursday, August 29 starting at 4 P.M.

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