On My Soapbox: Letter to Santa

Santa carefully reads another letter from Taylor Press Publisher Jason Hennington. He enjoys reading Jason's letters year after year.

Dear Santa,

I know that you have made your list and checked it twice, so you know whether I have been naughty or nice. Especially since you see me when I’m sleeping, which is not often, and you know when I’m awake. So, I am trying to stay on the straight and narrow for goodness sake.

But this letter isn’t necessarily about my behavior or what I want for Christmas. It’s really about you. I feel like this is something we need to talk about.

Earlier this week, Jasmine came home upset because she heard one of her friends say you’re not real. I tried to console her, but you know Jasmine, she had a rebuttal for everything.

When I told her that we had just talked you at the store last weekend, she said that was one of your worker elves who go out into the community to get orders because you can’t go everywhere.

Then she said she knew the only real you were the one that shows up downtown that knows her and her sister’s names.

We discussed that you are real, and that you would not be happy with her thinking differently. I finally said, “if you don’t hear me or mommy say that, then he’s real.”

That is how I grew up. Even after however many years old I am, my parents have never told me, my brother or my sister that you did not exist. My dad still says they need to find time to “go talk to Santa.”

For me, it’s not about if there is an actual person who flies around in a sleigh with reindeer delivering gifts. But, the spirit of giving and the happiness of children during the season is what keeps me believing.

I know about the pagan philosophies and origins. I also know when something is intended for entertainment and fun.

Along with keeping the belief alive, my parents also make sure we know the true reason for Christmas – the birth of Jesus.

I try to instill the same values in my children.

I’m sorry for going on about my beliefs of you and your legacy, but I felt like you needed to hear my thoughts after the incident with Jasmine. She has an incredible mind and imagination, and as long as she wants to believe and enjoy it, she can.

So far so good with Tiana. She hasn’t had any issues. I’m a little worried because she is a bit rougher than Jasmine. I know she can take care of herself though.

Anyway, how are you Santa? The elves? I went back and watched the commercial of you playing basketball against Blitzen and the Hoof Gang. You had Kobe and LeBron, so you had an advantage.

Anyway, the offer still stands with pizza and soda by the tree. Feel free to watch some TV if you want.

I’m going to get off my soapbox now, but please tell Aloysius, the Public Information Elf for Santa’s Workshop, that I said hello and that I received his letter in 2016 and I appreciate the response.

Merry Christmas!

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