On My Soapbox: 2019 Rap Up

Last rap up of the decade.

2019 is almost over, and the time is here.

For me write rhymes about Taylor and wrap up the year.

The hit and run driver got 10 years probation. And the people elected a few fresh county faces.

A Granger woman gave her baby meth, the arts board finally got specs, a school employee got arrested for theft.

I performed live on stage and it surprised just about everyone that knew me.

A kid threatened an officer online by saying, “Google me.”

He cried in mugshot the first time, I guess he didn’t learn.

Like everybody and the real details on how the car wash bay burned.

Grassroots slammed the mayor and claimed he had something to hide.

Because the T. Don Hutto Center was clean when he was inside.

The Transportation User Fee collected about two-mil, and we tried to give an accurate break down of water bills.

The skate park saga is something we’ll all remember.

The grand opening in February and the grand opening in November.

Election season came around and the candidates weren’t hard to find.

Christine Lopez file for re-election, then graciously changed her mind.

Gerald Anderson won the seat, and we were never in store for the fight over streets and which one needed to be fixed more.

The fight for Wabash and Robinson was when the battles begun.

Then Robert Garcia suggested Dwayne Ariola pay back the $21,000 for the investigation on G21.

Taylor flooded again, more than four years ago.

But this time the ground was dry, so the water had somewhere to go.

Coach Little came in for Purser with the motto, “win state.”

But the team went 0-10, so that’s a dream that’ll have to wait.

Brian LaBorde was selected to succeed Isaac Turner, who retired.

Day care abuse led to some employees getting fired.

A kid got stopped and handcuffed, but it’s funny I must say.

Thought he was Houdini because he slipped out the cop car and got away.

Constable Marty Ruble said it was time to call it quits.

The Taylor Press was one of the places the low-life burglars hit.

The city tax rate grew, and the citizens disliked.

Main Street Commons residents were forced out because of a busted pipe.

Heritage Square was the home to the new 30-foot Christmas tree.

Was I the only one who applauded when they finally cancelled Live PD?

The pick ‘em returned to the paper, the 3-on-3 was nothing but net.

Remember to send your good news stories to lifestyles@taylorpress.net.

Enjoy retirement Isaac, Chief Ekiss, Rosemary and Richard Stone.

Rest in peace to Rip Torn, Vencil Mares and the others who were called home.

I guess that I should step off of my soapbox, but not without saying, “thanks a whole lot.”

That’s the entire community, all the readers and subscribers.

Even the social media folks who just want to start fires.

Since I took over as publisher the wild rides have come in plenty.

And, I expect nothing less in 2020!

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