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Managing Editor of the Taylor Press by day. SLiK on stage and in front of a microphone with a sick beat. Photo by Richard Stone

Last Saturday, I was at the hip-hop event at Black Sparrow in downtown Taylor. But, I wasn’t there as the Managing Editor of the Taylor Press. I was there as an artist.

Technically, I am always wearing the editor hat, but Saturday, it was sitting on the side in favor of the artist hat, which many were surprised that I even owned.

Yes, I performed as a rapper on stage. Music is one of my many loves. I have been writing and recording music for over 20 years.

I’m sure there were people who think, “what kind of editor is he going on stage talking about violence, drugs, degrading women and who knows what else? He’s not good for Taylor.”

If they ever heard my music, they may change their minds. At least some of my later stuff, I was a bit more “vulgar” in my younger days.

I’m not necessarily shy when it comes to my love for music, but it takes getting to know me before that side of me is revealed.

Last week, however, was my first show in Taylor, so there were several people who were surprised when I walked onto the stage.

At the show, I had family, friends, co-workers and colleagues in the crowd. There were also people who I work with in my professional capacity, such as a city council member and downtown business owners and employees.

For about half and hour, those people didn’t have to see me as the managing editor, but as a hip-hop artist.

Prior to going on stage, I had one person say, “I knew there was more to you than just work.”

She may not realize it, but those were very encouraging words. In fact, everyone I talked to after the show was impressed and offered encouraging words. I’m extremely humbled by that, and it gives me confidence to wear the artist hat more often.

While I was on stage, I also wore a few other hats, which I never take off – dad, husband, brother and son.

My wife saw me perform one song many many years ago, but since this was my first show at home, she and others got to see me perform a full set.

It helped to see the excitement and energy Jasmine and Tiana had during the show. Those who were there or saw the video on my social media can probably hear Jasmine screaming during my set.

During one song, I had the opportunity to bring my wife on stage and show off the beautiful queen I go home to every day. It was extra special because the song was written specifically for her.

This was also the first time my mom got to see me perform live, which I think surprised her. It’s not like playing a sport and having your parents in the crowd because they see you practice and are proud regardless of how well you do.

Instead, it’s better because she had no expectations for the event, and she got to hear the content of my music.

All in all, it was a great show and I was happy to be involved. I’m not sure that was the last time I will wear that hat publicly, but we’ll see.

I’m going to get off my soapbox now and go watch the Spurs and Thunder part 2. I may click over and watch the cowgirls if they are losing.

“The world of mystery exists only in your head. Once you become one with yourself, the wall will fall.”

- Dwight David

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