On My Soapbox: It’s not the left or right

I try my best to stay out of politics because people get easily offended or insult those who may not agree with their views.

In regard to what I’ve seen and heard after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, I am ashamed of supporters of both political parties. Instead of just sympathizing with the families of the victims, people want to point fingers at the other side.

I don’t know if the shooters were democratic or republican, but I don’t care, they took innocent lives.

Those shooters could be classified as terrorists, but I think the term murderer is more appropriate.

Just like any other mass shooting, there is always discussion about mental health. Yes, it is important to recognize the signs to prevent a tragic event. I don’t believe these shooters were mentally ill, I think they were evil. There was something in their hearts and minds that caused them to have no remorse for other people’s lives.

Since the shootings, stories have come out about Connor Betts, the gunman in Dayton, Ohio, and his past behavior.

Betts strangled a friend of his sister and had a list of people at his high school that he wanted to rape or kill. Obviously, he needed help, but I would not say he was mentally ill, that seems to be evil to me.

Patrick Wood Crusius, the gunman in El Paso, was believed to have published a manifesto filled with white nationalist and anti-immigrant language. The piece implied that he was influenced by Christchurch mosque shootings and referred to the white genocide conspiracy theory.

All signs of hate and evil in his heart.

These shootings were about more than racism or religion. Each of these individuals were filled with hate and rage. That is the only reason someone would carry out a mass shooting.

People can have a difference of opinion in politics, religion, sports teams or whatever, but it should never come to the point of taking innocent lives.

Gun control laws and who’s to blame are hot topics right now. I’ve even heard people say rap music and video games are the reason for the shootings.

Video games and music are for entertainment purposes. I have never played a game or listened to a song that told me to go shoot up a crowd of people.

The artist, the game developers nor politicians should be blamed for the shootings, the shooter should be blamed for the decision they made, which is to be filled with hate and evil.

I’m going to get off my soapbox now and go school shopping. I still have no plans to buy a compass and a protractor. My kids might go to school with a Big Chief tablet and a pencil the first day.

“Love is the answer. It's the only thing that makes us truly free.”

- Aloe Blacc, Love is the Answer

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