On My Soapbox: 2020, season 2

This column represents the thoughts and opinion of Jason Hennington. This is NOT the opinion of the Taylor Press.

In season one of 2020, there was a roller coaster of emotions. We lost characters this year – Kobe Bryant, Kirk Douglas, Little Richard, Kenny Rogers, Hugh Downs and more – and we will miss them. Historic events have happened such as the spread of COVID-19, the deaths of unarmed black men and women by police and a shutdown of businesses due to a pandemic. In addition, there were protests, both silent and violent, and questions on what is “essential.”

None of this was in the synopsis for season one. Like most good television shows or books, the end of the first season left us with a cliffhanger. At the end of the first season, there was an obvious divide after gatherings were discouraged and a celebration still happened. That was followed by the cancellation of the annual Fourth of July fireworks and celebrations.

But things got even worse.

A mandatory mask order was put in place for businesses that went into effect the last day of season one.

So, what can we expect from season two? Well, Gov. Greg Abbott has already issued a mandatory mask order for counties with more than 20 COVID-19 cases. Schools are trying to determine how they will operate in the fall. In addition to those previews of the new season, we don’t know if we will have sports – professional, college or high school – in the fall.

Not to mention elections – local and national – are coming up. Election season is always . . . interesting.

If reality was a television show, the cliffhanger would have been solved or at least addressed in the first episode. In the production of 2020, it intensified.

A carryover from season one is there are still people who think COVID-19 is a hoax or should not be taken seriously. Some refuse to wear a mask and may cause a scene when asked.

Although this stuff makes for good TV (by that I don’t mean news), it does not make for good reality.

If I had to summarize the first half of 2020, it would be in the form of a question. Was Kobe Bryant the glue that held the nation together?

I know that sounds crazy, but after his death, look at all of the negative things that happened and how quickly things got worse.

I am really tired of writing about COVID-19, masks, protest and rallies. Right now, when I hear thunder, I don’t know if it’s storming or if Godzilla is outside.

Hopefully, the second half of 2020 will be better.

I’m going to get off my soapbox now and enjoy the holiday weekend with my wife and my children.

Have a happy, safe Fourth of July.

“For a storyteller, an open ending leaves much room for imagination; for the inquisitive reader, however, it is a source of great anxiety.”

― Joyce Rachelle

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