I want to first say that I believe Taylor is changing in some areas, some faster than others, but nevertheless there is some change taking place as we speak. I have been to many events at the new high school, new stadium and field house. A common theme that I find is our school's disconnection with our past alumni and with our tradition. Because of this, our culture in our schools, particularly the high school, has suffered. These students have no real connection to the past and therefore are not invested at all to engage in creating a legacy for the future.

We have Duck Alumni like Fredrick Kerley for example, who have went out from Taylor High School and accomplished great things on a national and international level. However, when you visit these new facilities, there are no mention, pictures or connection to the distant or even near past.

In Taylor, we are in a tradition and cultural crisis. A lot of these kids do not know what the past is and who came before them, so now they have no motivation to create their own legacy for others to see. The ones before us should be recognized, their records should be posted and accurately kept, and they should have a visible presence in the school and the community.

We need to be reaching out to former alumni, and give them opportunities to come home to share their talents and experience with the next generation, whether it be to speak or to coach/teach. Our culture is trash right now and that is the reason some of these students lack the fire to compete.

At the district meet held last week for example, we had numbers of students in the bleachers who could have been helping our Ducks win the district title. That Duck Pride that we use to be so famous for has been severely diminished. We have got to do better. We must make our past, our tradition visible so these students know what they our playing for. It also gives them something to shoot for so they can leave back their legacy as a part of the Taylor Duck tradition.

From Chris Becker to Chucky Pearson to Mark Jackson to Fred Kerley to Dicky Moegle, we need to make it a point for the students to be able to see these people and learn about them every day. They should be all around the campus. Not just athletes, but anyone who has made their mark in the world that once wore the green and white.

We have to do better Duck Nation. Let's put our heads together and make it happen.

Quincy Griffin

Taylor, TX

Dear Editor,

As I sit reading the coverage concerning the upcoming election for Taylor City Council, District 1, I am reminded anew why exactly we NEED to have the option of write-in candidates. I know it is a thankless and frustrating job, and one I wouldn’t take on a bet, but you cannot tell me that these are the best choices available in this district.

One of these men I’ve known for 30+ years. I like him as a person, I simply don’t think he is the right person for the job. However, when push comes to shove, I will vote for him, if for no other reason than he at least is man enough to make his own decisions and stand up for them.

The other candidate I don’t believe I’ve ever met, but you can tell a lot about someone by the friends he keeps. When you associate with liars, drunks, and cheats, I will assume that you are cut from the same cloth. He and his fellow flunkies have run numerous times in the past, for several different places on the Council, with few wins to show for their troubles. Hopefully, the voters here will continue that trend.

Stan Werner

Taylor, TX 76574

The article posted (April 3) on Lynn Urbis at 43 years old in regards to injuring an elderly person. Well, first the only elderly person to make contact with Mr. Urbis was his father who was not allowed to make a statement at the time of his arrest. Taylor PD refused, flat out refused, to take Mr. Lawerence Urbis’s statement. He has stated to both Lynn and I that he will be filing two reports first a grievance against the arresting Taylor police officer for putting their hands on his son in an unprofessional manor and a second grievance to the additional officer who would not allow him to make his formal statement at the time of the bogus accusations by Mrs. Urbis.

I will be going down to the Taylor Police Department with Mr. L. Urbis to make my formal statement as to what happened that day because I was there. Third I demand you make a formal public apology to Mr. Lynn Urbis, in regards to the slander that your paper has vomited up.

Mrs. Urbis never, at any moment showed herself, not once; to imply she was endangered, injured or anything else is completely a way for her to get attention.

She may not have wanted him there, but she never was injured or in any danger. In my line of work call this a drama queen looking for an attention anyway they can get it. Well... get a diary!

Nothing but the truth.

Janna Gibbons

Taylor, TX

Dear Editor,

There seems to be much talk lately about Draft Eligibility for both the NBA and NFL. Arguments for the pros and cons have flown all over the place from legitimate reasoning to ridiculous banter (surprise, right?). It’s said that these athletes should not have to risk a year of possible injury, and accruement of debt (i.e. college) if they are talented enough to do straight to the draft. On the other hand, are these kids mature enough to make the big jump? Could they not benefit from a year of preparation to make the step toward professionalism? What happens when they get injured early or cut? What’s their back up plan? Although I, myself, am not an advocate that everyone need to attend college, some sort of plan/preparation needs to be in place for these individuals not pertaining to sport. If these athletes are so passionate about playing professionally, will one year post high school really keep them from pursuing their career goals?

Romans 5:3-4 states that we should “rejoice in our sufferings (additional time of “preparation”), knowing that suffering produces endurance (higher skill level, passion and drive), and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.” So what? It’s another year. Why not “press towards the mark” instead of giving up because of one small hurdle?

I’m sure others hold an opposing view, but to me 1-3 year of preparation is not enough to defer someone from a/passion to play professionally. But… that’s MY opinion. Just my thoughts.

Sean Anthony Washington

Taylor High School graduate class of 2000

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