Jasmine and I are watching a cartoon and there is a reference to something I watched when I was her age.

Me (laughing): Hey, Gummi Bears.

Jasmine: Dada those are probably mine.

Me (shaking my head): No, I mean they are talking about Gummi Bears the show. I use to watch that.

Jasmine: There was a show about candy?

Me: No, they lived in the forest and bounced.

Jasmine: What?

Me: They drank magic juice that made them jump really high.

Jasmine: They lived in the forest and drank juice that made them jump out of the bag? I want to watch it.

Me: (Facepalm)

I’m sure everyone can remember waking up early on Saturdays – for me it was between 6-6:30 a.m. – with a bowl of overly sugary cereal to catch your favorite cartoons. I can still remember the TV line-ups and what time I changed channels to watch different programs.

I hate that my children won’t have those same types of memories. Since the early 2000s, if you didn’t have cable, then you didn’t watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Yes, there are several factors to why that happened. Laws targeting educational content, sports, profit margins and the INTERNET!!

Of course television stations such as Disney and Cartoon Network didn’t help either by giving access to cartoons 24 hours a day.

But what about today?

Big wig TV stations are not the main reason for no Saturday morning cartoons. I think the world has become too smart for early morning cartoons.

Instead of getting up at sunrise on Saturdays to watch cartoons, children are getting up to check their Twitter or Facebook feed. Social media has completely taken over as a form of entertainment.

At the same time, people have become overprotective on what programs their children can view.

For example, Looney Tunes are no longer on non-cable channels because it was deemed “too dangerous.”

Too dangerous? Seriously?

When have you ever seen a child drop an anvil on another person? Hell, I don’t even know where to buy an anvil (ACME I guess).

As a parent I can completely understand monitoring what kind of programs your children are watching. I keep a close eye on what Jasmine and Tiana watch, but I believe my children are smart enough to separate fantasy from reality.

I sit and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – all versions from 1986 to the newest style – with my children, but I am not worried about Jasmine going to school and trying to hide in the shadows or roundhouse her classmates.

The world has become so caught up with making money, bashing the opposite political party, trying to spot fake news and be politically correct, that it has lost sight of what’s good about society. Basically, society over thinks the simplest things.

In other words, people should remember back to when they were young and how they felt getting up watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Maybe they should consider trying that again. Even though it will probably be on their phone or tablet.

Saturday morning cartoons were not meant to rot our brains. They were an escape from the cruel wicked world that we live in.

With everything happening in today’s world, Saturday morning cartoons on “regular channels” are necessary because every child, regardless of their family’s income level, can escape and enjoy.

I’m going to get off my soapbox now, and go binge watch season two of Cobra Kai.

“I've loved cartoons all along. Most people outgrow that when they hit 10 or 12, I guess, but I never did. I'm not sure why.”

- Warren Spector

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