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It’s election season, and after talking to some voters, there are some things I would like to share. All of the voters’ names will remain anonymous.

First, every single one of them have a different set of issues that believe should be addressed. Some of those issues include economic development, poverty, crime and keeping the economy afloat due to the pandemic.

“[The problem is] how to balance the needs of business community and at the same time address the health crisis that COVID-19 has brought. Additionally, the debate around school closure due to COVID-19 has greatly divided the community. Some residents want schools open and others want school closed.”

While not everyone believes an elected official has a tremendous amount of power, there are expectations.

“I need communication. It seems like decisions are made in the dark and only come to light when the wrong person is pissed. More transparency and more involvement with the community. The whole point of a democracy is to allow participation by the citizens.”

“The biggest thing for a local position is a history of positive acts in the community.”

Elected officials represent the people of their district, the voters I spoke with said elected officials should have their constituents’ best interest at heart when making decisions.

“[Elected officials] are there to best serve their district. Not themselves. Be honest and represent your district’s needs.”

“Furthermore, [they] should meet regularly with the constituents of their districts/ communities that they serve to ensure they are aware of the issues and concerns of the residents.”

In addition to knowing the problem, they are also expected to find a solution.

“They come to the table with the needs of their district and determine which district goes first with help. I expect my [elected official] to know what my district really needs and also have a solution to solve the issue.”

The most repetitive word in these discussions was trust.

“I believe our elected leaders should exhibit the highest level of moral character and ethics. They should lead with strong convictions and honesty.”

“Politics are so dirty that there are very few candidates that are pure and have the best interest of their constituents in mind. Usually it's what can provide the most money in their pockets.”

As I close, I’ll inform you that none of these voters live in Taylor. Only two are from Texas and the others are from out of state. I wrote this to show that the problems we have here, are everywhere. Speak up to make sure you’re heard.

I’m going to get off my soapbox, but before I do, I want to say stop comparing protests to everything when something is canceled due to COVID. They’re two different situations.

“The only thing that gains my vote is trust. If I can trust you, I can vote for you. If I can’t, then I won’t.”

- Anonymous

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