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This column represents the thoughts and opinions of Jason Hennington. This is NOT the opinion of the Taylor Press.

Christmas activities in Taylor are canceled this year due to COVID-19 concerns. Not everyone is happy about this decision.

Nobody should be surprised by this decision because basically everything is either being canceled or postponed. How can you postpone Christmastime?

This weekend, the annual Veterans’ Beer Run 5K will still happen, even though the county recently moved into the orange phase – see page 1. However, the event was already postponed from the spring to the summer, then from the summer to now. The orange phase wasn’t activated until earlier this week, which was not enough time to bring the event to a halt.

This reminds me of some controversy earlier this year. I remember between Juneteenth and July Fourth, people were complaining about the same thing.

Anyway, the event was canceled because of safety. I understand everyone THINKS that social distancing protocol could be enforced, and it would be safe to have the parade.

“You can go to football games. Why not the parade?” is the common response.

If you go to football games, is social distancing really enforced? Everyone has to wear a mask, but there is definitely not six feet of space between groups of fans.

Also, the stadium capacity limit was 50%, which means a maximum of 2,500 people. I could be wrong, but I’m positive that more than 3,000 people line the streets for the parade.

If we can’t socially distance and keep masks on at a football game, what makes people think we can during a parade?

I’m not saying I don’t want the parade, because I absolutely do. It’s a hometown tradition. But at what cost do we want the parade and holiday activities?

Yes, other cities will continue their planned events, but how does that effect case numbers? The virus is not going away anytime soon, we all know that. We have to adapt and move forward as if it will be here forever.

I agree with all of that, but we also have to be careful how we move forward, especially with a mix of the pandemic and flu season.

We can choose to try and live like things are back to normal, or we can try to live life like this is the new normal.

We can risk it and possibly get sick, or be careful and miss out on some of the things we enjoy. We have a choice. We also have consequences that come with that choice.

We don’t want to live in a bubble forever, but we want Taylor to keep its small-town feel and not become Austin.

Are we contradicting ourselves about this bubble?

I’m going to get off my soapbox now and go watch some high school basketball. The Taylor girls’ team already looks great on the floor and I’m excited to see how the boys will look this year. #MOVETHEBANNERS!

“These so-called bleak times are necessary to go through in order to get to a much, much better place.”

― David Lynch

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