On My Soapbox: Changing seasons

This column represents the thoughts and opinions of Jason Hennington. This is NOT the opinion of the Taylor Press.

Football season is pretty much over for local teams except Hutto, which started late due to the pandemic. Now, it’s time to move on to the next sports season.

I understand we’re in Texas where football is king, but what about the other sports? It’s no secret I love basketball, but even if I didn’t, I would still support all local sports. Part of it is so that I can discuss it on Around the Watercooler on Thursday mornings at 11:15ish.

I can always remember Taylor being branded as a “football town.” In other words, football is the most popular sport in Taylor. Again, we’re in Texas, so it’s understandable.

Just because a sport is the “most popular” doesn’t equate to “most successful.” That being said, I’m not discrediting the current or previous football teams. I’m just stating the facts.

Here’s a question: what is the most successful sport in Taylor High School history?

Baseball has been great in Taylor for years. The basketball teams have won district and competed in the playoffs for many years since 1995.

Tennis has some deep runs in the playoffs, and I think there have been some outstanding golf players in recent years.

I think the most successful and consistent sport in Taylor history is track and field. There are always Taylor athletes in the mix at the state track meet, usually bringing home gold or silver.

We have had two nationally ranked pole vaulters in recent years. They were both ranked their entire high school careers – one just signed with Texas A&M.

As much as everyone loves and supports football, we need to remember all of the other sports as well, especially during the current pandemic. I’m not saying those sports don’t get support, but our football streams always had 70 or more viewers. Our basketball streams have been as low as seven. Even though it’s just viewing the games online, when players know people are watching, they tend to perform better.

If we really want to get technical about successful UIL extracurricular activities, band and Academic Decathlon (AcDec) are at the top of the list.

“They don’t give a district championship for UIL academics, but if they did, we would definitely be the district champs. It’s always a good thing when you kick academic butt,” Danny Ward, former principal said in 2013. “You want to have that balance of we have good sports kids, and we have good academics going on.”

This still rings true today.

I’m going to get off my soapbox now and see what kind of Cyber Monday deals I can look at but not buy. I guess I’ll be doing some online “window shopping.”

One last thing, #MOVETHEBANNERS!

“Sports are a microcosm of society.”

— Billie Jean King

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