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HUTTO – Election Day brings two new faces to the Hutto ISD board of trustees, returns an incumbent and set the table for a runoff election at the Hutto City Council.

For Place 5 on the city council, the top two vote getters were Krystal Kinsey received 291 votes (36.5%) and Nicole Calderone received 222 votes (27.8%). Since neither candidate received more than 50% of the vote, they will have a runoff election for the seat.

Christina Bastos, 172 votes (21.6), and Zack Miller, 112 (14.1%), finished third and fourth in the race.

Kinsey believes growth at sustainable rate is a major issue in Hutto. With impact fees put back on developers, it will be several years before the city sees the income from that.

“Diversifying the growth is the best way of getting out of this financial conundrum. Residential is in high demand, but if we continue to focus solely on residential it puts the burden on the ISD, whereas if we put in more businesses, we get more tax revenue without adding to the need of more schools,” she said.

Calderone said she wants to work together with council and city manager to communicate standards and establish goals for staff and anonymous engagement surveys.

“We need to see a market analysis of our employee compensation structure in conjunction with defined performance expectations,” she said.

For Place 2, Rick Thornton was re-elected with 444 votes (57.6%). He defeated Rick Hudson, who had 238 votes (30.9%) and Jimmy Pierce, who received 89 votes (11.5%).

“We need council members who won’t quit on the people, who aren’t in it for themselves or for their buddies, and who won’t forget to do their job,” Thornton said in the Taylor Press election guide. “I invest the time and energy to watch out for the taxpayers. I won’t quit on Hutto.”

Hutto ISD

James Matlock and Amy English will join as the two newly elected members of the Hutto ISD Board of Trustees.

Two members were elected from three candidates. Matlock received the most votes with 681 (37.69%). English was close with 677 votes (37.47%), while Mina Davis finished third with 449 votes (24.85%).

Matlock and English will be sworn in at the May 27 board meeting.

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