Hutto ISD COVID update

Here is a look at the recent updates on COVID-19 cases by campus within Hutto ISD.

HUTTO - Recently, Hutto ISD Superintendent Dr. Celina Estrada Thomas, provided an update on how the district is navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our safety processes for minimizing the spread throughout the schools is still working," she said. "Almost all positive cases among students and staff have come from outside of our campus, usually from home."

Thomas said there has not been a COVID-19 spread issue within the district. According to the Hutto ISD COVID-19 Dashboard, there are currently 42 active student cases and 14 active staff cases. The district's enrollment is 8,399 with 1,176 staff members.

She said the pool of substitute teachers is limited and once it is exhausted, non-teaching district staff members, including district leaders from the administration building, are asked to cover classes.

"Our biggest challenge as a district right now is supporting teachers and staff who are quarantined because of exposures or who have to be out because their own children are quarantined," Thomas said. 

Campuses with a higher level of quarantined teachers have been placed on temporary virtual learning. Thomas said this frees up substitute teachers to help with other campuses.

"We only do this when it is obvious that a campus is not going to be able to function safely with adequate staff levels for a number of days," she said.

Two elementary schools and one middle school have shifted to remote learning.

"Please know there could be more in the next few weeks," Thomas said. "As long as our county is in a red stage indicating an uncontrollable spread of the disease, more people continue to be exposed and quarantined."

She said remote learning is "always our last option."

"These decisions are never easy, but they are always made after much thought and assessment of the campus condition and discussion with campus leaders," Thomas said. "They are always made in the best interest of our students and staff."

The Hutto ISD COVID-19 dashboard is viewable at

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