With the seventh annual Taylor Press 3-on-3 basketball tournament taking place this weekend there is a group of individuals who have been anxiously waiting to be a part of the event, just as they always have been.

The Shining Stars of Taylor are more than just a social group for adults with special needs. They are an organization of people brought together by families and friends who know and understand the meaning and value of friendship. The organization also focuses on maintaining physical and mental activities for its members beyond graduation.

The organization contributes not only refreshments to the participants and fans of the annual Taylor Press 3-on-3 basketball tournament through concessions, they also lace up their sneakers and take the court to display their own basketball skills.

“It’s one of my favorite parts of the tournament every year,” said Jason Hennington, tournament director. “I look forward to watching them play and awarding them their rings every year.”

Being a part of the tournament has become a tradition for the Shining Stars and is always a weekend the members look forward to.

One of their favorite things about the tournament is that it brings a sense of belonging to them from the community that they grew up in and call home.

It has become an annual tradition that in the closing minutes of the Shining Stars game other tournament participants and fans together surround the court and cheer on these inspiring individuals that make up the Shining Stars. This in itself gives each member the motivation to jump higher, run faster and shoot for the stars.

“It’s an incredible moment. Just to see everyone around cheering for them, it’s great,” Hennington said.

The Shining Stars are a non-profit organization. All the proceeds made to the concession stand go to help fund future events and outings for the group. Donations of waters and Gatorades are still accepted.

For more information about the Shining Stars or to donate contact Verna Guajardo 512-948-6437.

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