Damage at Heritage Square

The mirrors in the bathrooms at Heritage Square will need to be replaced after they were destroyed last week. Photo by Jason Hennington

Heritage Square has been open for just over a week, yet it has already fallen victim to vandalism.

According to police reports, on Thursday night, someone went into the bathrooms at the park around 10 p.m. and destroyed the facilities.

Commander Joseph Branson said officers have been locking the restroom doors at night once the park is closed. While checking the bathrooms, an officer discovered some of the damage.

Branson said it appeared that someone discharged the fire extinguisher on the floor and the walls. The mirrors above the sinks had been busted out. The same type of damage had also been done in the women's restroom. There was also some damage to the sinks in the women's bathroom.

"We are working some leads, and there are cameras in the area," Branson said.

He said the culprit could face criminal mischief charges and because of the amount of damage done, it will be a class A misdemeanor.

The cost of repairs has not been released yet.

This vandalization happened just days before Pierce Park opened, and Branson said officers will work to keep both parks safe.

"We will continue to close patrol the park," he said. "It is in a high-visibility area, and we'll, at least for now, close the restrooms a little earlier in the evening."

He said the restrooms are still open during normal park hours, but officers will pay more attention to the area.

Anyone with information related to the vandalization of the restrooms at Heritage Square is encouraged to call Sam Brister at the Taylor Police Department at 512-352-5551.

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