Taylor’s active cases rose in numbers late last week.

On Nov. 13, Mayor Brandt Rydell reported that there were approximately 21 active cases of the coronavirus in Taylor. The number of people simultaneously sick in Taylor had stayed in the low to mid 10s since late October.

“We’re at 583 cases so far in Taylor,” said Rydell in reference to total cases since the pandemic began, “and if you’ll recall last Friday (Nov. 6) when I had an update for you, we were at 538, so that’s an increase of 45 cases from last week.”

A few days earlier, the WCCHD reported a discovery made through routine quality assurance. The health district identified 600 confirmed and 800 probable cases dated between July and October excluded in reports. The newly found cases appear to have had little to no affect on active cases, but total cases did go up.

“I suspect some of that has to do with those previously unreported cases from July through October that are now kind of catching up and being added. I don’t know that for sure,” said Rydell. “I’m hoping it had to do with those previously unreported cases that we don’t have in fact a spike of cases in Taylor.”

Approximately 562 citizens have recovered from the disease.

Rydell reminded citizens that the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) has determined there is currently a high level of COVID-19 transmission in the county overall. As a result, Williamson County and Taylor have raised their county guidance and city reopening plan, respectively, to Orange.

“It’s important that we all continue to be very mindful and vigilant,” said Rydell,

“even more so now that we’re seeing these increases in COVID-19 and these trends.”

To find out more about city reopening plan and what the Orange level means for citizens, visit https://www.ci.taylor.tx.us/1002/updates-from-the-city-of-taylor.

In other data, WCCHD reported Monday, Nov. 16, that there were an estimated 340 county residents sick with COVID-19. About 10,518 residents have recovered from the coronavirus.

In comparison, active cases dropped by 23 from 363 four days earlier. The dip broke an upward trend that increased active cases to their highest figures since August. Recent stats still remain far less than the four-digit figures of residents concurrently sick during the summer, although the health district has revised its reporting mechanisms over time.

Deaths in the county linked to COVID-19 are estimated at 158, which is no change in the last two weeks. In total, the number of COVID-19 cases this year stands at least at 11,016.

In Hutto, active case numbers also dipped after a recent small spike. According to the health district, Hutto had 20 citizens sick with the coronavirus as of Monday. There were approximately 33 active cases four days earlier with numbers as low as 12 in October. About 731 people have recovered in the city.

The Thrall area reports that there are three sick residents in zip code 76578. The zip code includes Noack and the southeastern corner of the county. Approximately 56 residents have recovered. With one previously reported death, 76578 has had 60 confirmed cases during the pandemic.

Other statistics that help determine the local threat of COVID-19 include hospitalizations, ventilators in use and more. To see more stats and gauge COVID-19’s local effects, visit http://www.wcchd.org/COVID-19/dashboard.php.

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