Williamson County and Cities Health District

Taylor had two more people diagnosed with COVID-19 in recent days, while the county received updates that bumped up their overall count past 200.

On April 22, shortly after the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) released its daily update, Mayor Brandt Rydell announced through his Facebook page of more cases of the coronavirus in Taylor.

"We had been holding steady at six confirmed cases for a little while," said Rydell. "We learned yesterday that we did have an additional confirmed case, so the official number is up to seven right now in Taylor, with five having recovered."

Rydell added that he had received notification Wednesday morning of another confirmed case after the cutoff point for official numbers to be released by WCCHD. By Thursday, the official number was up to eight cases.

One of those Taylor residents with COVID-19, the pandemic virus, cleared of the illness since Tuesday. Five of eight Taylor cases are recovered as of April 24.

Williamson County numbers had their two biggest daily increases of COVID-19 since recording began. The biggest increase was Friday with 24 additional cases. Since April 22, Williamson County went from 158 to 206 total confirmed cases. Approximately 124 of those people have now recovered. Five people diagnosed with COVID-19 have passed away, with the most recent death April 21.

Regarding the spike in county numbers, Rydell explained that the increase was more likely because of delays of tests reported to WCCHD.

“The increase has been primarily due to a sort of batch drops that labs will test and perhaps the health district isn’t getting those results as timely as we would like,” said the mayor. “I think they’re working on that with the various labs.”

Rydell said some of the newly reported cases could be people who have recovered.

“These could have been positive tests from a few weeks ago that weren’t reported in a timely matter,” said Rydell, “which those are issues to address certainly.”

The mayor warned of another big increase in reported cases over the weekend.

WCCHD is releasing more details on recoveries in some cities. For example, Hutto has had 15 total cases of the coronavirus, a number that the city has maintained for more than a week. WCCHD reports eight of those people have recovered, leaving seven Hutto residents still battling the disease.

As of April 24 in cities with a population underneath 20,000, six people are still diagnosed with COVID-19 after 11 have recovered. Based on WCCHD’s map of confirmed cases by zip code, there are 0-4 people with COVID-19 in zip codes such as 76530, 76577, 76578, 78615 and 78621. Five other zip codes in north and west Williamson County might contain the cases. The city of Thrall reported on its website that it was not aware of any cases in their community.

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