Taylor ISD’s transportation gears up for the fall semester as they make minor tweaks to their bus route while polishing current safety methods for students.

Transportation Director Carl Caldwell said there will be no new routes this school year.

“We have the same buses, and it works for everyone because the community knows all the stops,” he said. “Being the same works for people. They know what to expect.”

Dispatcher LaFonda Harvey said although the routes are basically the same, a few have been adjusted.

“We have the same stops, but we moved some of them,” she said. “One in particular is the Bealls shopping center, which will be [changed] from route 13 to route 6. So, students should be sure to look at all the routes to know where they need to go.”

Caldwell said safety is the main goal.

“It’s important that we keep the child safe and send them home the same way we came to school,” he said. “A lot of things can happen [on bus rides]. It takes every one working together. At the end of the day, it’s all about the student.”

All transportation employees will complete safety training, which will include awareness for drivers. This will take shape as videos, CPR and first aid training, according to Harvey.

“Not all districts do that,” she said. “There has been an increase in shootings and dating violence. Some students are looking for attention and we just have to be sure to give the right kind.”

With the expected growth of homes near Taylor High School, the Taylor transportation is expecting to prep new routes near those homes to accommodate those residents in the upcoming years, but currently Caldwell believes consistency works for school transportation.

The districts’ transportation division will also still keep the 10-point rules for students to follow, which include showing up to the bus stop five minutes early, using their class room voice and making sure no child is left behind.

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