On Thursday morning a kindergarten student at TH Johnson Elementary managed to leave class and walk home undetected.

According to a report from KVUE in Austin, the student was told to go out into the hallway and get his folder, and instead grabbed his backpack and left the building.

The student walked out of the school and to Mallard Lane towards his house. While the home was not far from the school, the student’s mother, Ashley Lopez, said he had to cross several streets to get there.

According to reports, someone from their complex found her son sitting on the curb near her apartment and called his mother, who took him inside.

Taylor ISD Superintendent Keith Brown said he could not disclose student specific discipline, but offered information about student elopement.

“Student elopement or running away from school is very dangerous and a violation of the State of Texas Student Attendance laws as well as Taylor ISD school rules,” he said. “We ask that parents support the classroom teachers by requiring their student or students to follow all school rules and directives of school personnel while in attendance during the school day or at school related activities.”

He said having all students follow the rules will keep them safe.

“Working together with the parents and guardians of our students is paramount to student success and student safety,” Brown said.

Brown ensured that the district practices safety measures and the safety of students is a top priority.

“Taylor ISD is a safe and secure educational environment for all students,” he said. “We have robust safety plans that are supported by dedicated staff and community partners.”

Based on feedback from the School Safety Consultant and professional law enforcement officers, Taylor ISD is a leader in Texas on school safety related matters.

Brown explained that the district works closely with local and county law enforcement to keep students safe.

“We have a strong working relationship with the City of Taylor, Taylor Police Department, Taylor Fire Department and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department,” he said.

Brown also added that the school resource officer at the Taylor Middle School is a city of Taylor police officer and no longer a Williamson County Sheriff Deputy.

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This is crazy! Sure hope something is being done to insure the safety of the younger kids who should be supervised by adults at all times! Cameras? Bells or alarms on doors? Something! Then instead of apologizing for this mistake, which TYJ didn't end up as a different headline, the district wants to blame the child! Who, unlike the older children, doesn't know all the rules. As they are just starting school. And there to be taught. And I thought protected to some certain extent. This is exactly why I will nvr allow any of my kids to attend Taylor ISD. I was raised here and from my school experience will not allow my kids here. Just shameful Taylor ISD! Do something to help insure parents that their kids are safe!!!!!!!!


Mr. Brown is a joke. He has no real concerns for the safety of our children. There is a difference between a teenage student choosing not to come to school and a 5 year old not being supervised properly. Claiming it is a “discipline” problem is a slap in the face to parents who are trusting his school district with school safety. He should resign or “retire” soon so our community can feel safe sending our kids to school again.


No apologies whatsoever, just blaming the 5year old! 😂👌 Got it!

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