On Friday, police officers, state troopers and more were busy after there were three fatal car accidents within about 45 minutes of each other. All three accidents are still under investigation. 

The first accident, a one-car rollover, happened at 7:58 p.m. on FM 112 near mile post 560, two miles east of Taylor. According to to Sgt. Robbie Barrerra of DPS, a 2005 Ford F250 was headed west on FM 112 and failed to negotiate a left hand curve. She said Jesus Campos Perez, 37, of Taylor, over corrected, which caused it to travel south across the road and into the embankment of the shoulder. There it rolled across a barbwire fence.

Perez was ejected and sustained serious injuries. The passengers, Sandro Jimenez and Pedro Pamarilo Martinez, remained in the vehicle. Jimenez was taken to Seton Williamson for injuries. Martinez was also injured, but was cleared by EMS on scene.

First responders began treatment on Perez when he became unresponsive. Perez was pronounced dead at the scene in the ambulance. 

Jimenez and Martinez told officers the two of them and Perez were headed home to Taylor from work, and stopped at a bar on the way.

Barrerra said the crash is still under investigation.

That same evening at 8:38 p.m., Taylor police responded to a three-car collision in the 1100 block of South Main Street.

According to police reports, Glenda Louise Werth, 59, of Pflugerville, driving a 2009 Honda Van, was headed north on south Main Street, when she stopped and put her vehicle in reverse. Hunter Werth, 20 months, of Hutto, was a passenger in the van. 

A 2008 Toyota SUV, driven by Madison Plinkinton, 23, of Lexington, was also traveling north on south Main Street hit the van from behind. The collision caused the van to go into oncoming traffic, where it was hit head-on by a 2006 Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Able Estrada-Macias, 22, of Taylor. 

Glenda Werth was pronounced dead on the scene. Hunter Werth was transported to Dell Children's Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Estrada-Macias was transported to Seton Williamson County Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Plinkington was uninjured.

"It's still an open case. We don't have all of our data back just yet," said Joseph Branson, Taylor police commander." There are still some things we are looking at so that we can get a complete picture of what happened."

He said there are no citations for any of the drivers and there is no sign of any alcohol or drug use at this time. 

This is the third fatal collision in Taylor for this year.

Branson said after tragic situations such as these, people should reconsider their driving habits.

"Driving is inherently dangerous and you need to be aware of your surrounds, slow down a little bit and use common courtesies on the road," he said. "Just be as safe and careful as you can."

On the outskirts of Taylor, Friday night, at Hwy 95 and CR 387 near Bartlett one person was killed in an accident involving a 2001 Ford F150 and a 1992 Peterbilt 18-wheeler.

According Barrerra, at 8:01 p.m. officers responded to a report of a crash involving a pickup truck and an 18-wheeler. The preliminary reports said officers arrived at the scene, they spoke to Dalton James Murry, 20, of Bartlett, the driver of Peterbilt, a cotton hauler, and learned Murry was hit by the pickup truck. The driver of the pick up truck was Charles Russell Rose, 78, of Georgetown.

Murry told officers he was following another cotton hauler on Hwy 95 headed north when they noticed a red F150 going in and out of its lane while speeding up and slowing down. 

Murry said both cotton haulers passed the truck and continued on Hwy 95. When the second cotton hauler went to turn left on CR 387, Murry saw, in his rear-view mirror, Rose drive into the back of the cotton hauler at a high speed.

Murry told officers it was a hard impact, but he did not see where the truck went. He continued to turn left and immediately pulled over on CR 387. 

Barrerra said the pickup truck was lodged in the rear of the truck where it was dragged to its resting position. 

Rose was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident. 

"It is still an active investigation because it is a fatality crash," Barrerra said.

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