In the Nov. 5, general election, Williamson County voters will have the opportunity to vote on two propositions for issuing road and park bonds. 

Bond elections allow voters to speak out for or against long-term financing through the sale of bonds for major improvement projects for road expansion and the expansion of parks and trails.

Proposition A is to authorize the county to issue and sell bonds not to exceed $412 million for road expansion and improvements. 

Proposition B would authorize the county to issue bonds not to exceed $35 million for parks and recreational improvements

Williamson County Precinct 4 Commissioner Russ Boles spoke to the Taylor Rotary Club Thursday, Sept. 12, at Sirloin Stockade about the 2019 proposed road bond projects.

“I like developments in the city,” Boles said about the projects in the outer limits of the cities.

In the Taylor area, the biggest proposed projects include construction on Chandler Rd. with regard to CR 366 from Carlos G Parker and also 110 to Chandler Rd.

“Completion of the plan for Chandler Rd. is going to take time. We are looking to expand and connect the loop to Chandler,” Boles said.

Boles also spoke about expansions at the Expo Center to include a second pavilion, hanger doors on the southside, bathrooms and parking. 

Boles was also questioned about the pipeline coming through Taylor.

“Legally I have been doing everything I can do. I have been throwing a fit,” he replied. “We have power over the pipeline.”

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