A local’s contribution to Thrall ISD has been recognized as heroic.

Chad Richter recently received a 2020 Heroes for Children Award. The award is designed to recognize excellence in advocacy for education and to highlight outstanding volunteers whose efforts represent significant contributions to public school education in Texas.

Richter is a Williamson County Emergency Medical Services tactical medic. He has been engaged in activities and volunteer missions on a consistent basis at Thrall ISD. When the need arises, Richter is reportedly guaranteed to be there in an immediate manner. The positive sense he gives tadministrators, faculty, students, and parents in his volunteering to assist is said to be overwhelming.

Richter’s projects included:

responding in an emergency manner using his paramedic background for teacher injuries; falling on wet spots, seizures, strokes, for students having reactions to bee and wasp stings, and athletic injuries at games;

furniture moving with summer staff after a renovation was done;

planting flower beds and grass for a new facility;

building softball dugouts to enhance facility for players;

moving debris from the district site to alleviate snake problems;

assisting as a mentor for others and doing Annual Book Fair setups for the community;

workdays by parents, students, and community for district-wide projects;

emergency response during athletic events;

working as a track starting clerk assistant

volunteering time to move classroom equipment, bookshelves and furniture during flooding;

mentoring students at school and in his church;

building additional playground equipment for the Thrall Elementary School playground; and

playing a major role training staff how to "Stop the Bleed," as well as volunteering time to compile necessary items to complete the district-wide Jacob Kits.

About Heroes for Children

The State Board of Education established the Heroes for Children award program in 1994. Since its beginning, the award has provided a means to recognize Texas residents who render selfless acts of service by offering their time, effort, and support to public schools and students. The award honors volunteers who have been said to make outstanding contributions to student learning or who have demonstrated sustained periods of involvement and support of public education. Each year, the 15-member board recognizes one hero from each of their districts. The Heroes for Children award recipients were honored at the September SBOE meeting as well as a football game last week.

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