WILCO – Tempers flared Tuesday night when Williamson County residents met with the Williamson County Citizens Bond Committee.

The meeting was held at the Expo Center in Taylor, and the meeting was filled with about 100 concerned citizens.

The plan for the evening was to present and propose to the committee future infrastructure projects. Jim Gray, director of public works for the city of Taylor, gave a brief and uninterrupted presentation.

However, when MD Hossain, director of engineering and public works for the city of Hutto, gave his presentation, people began to speak up. Citizens expressed concerns of the projects in the vicinity of their residences.

By 6 p.m., tensions had escalated.

“Why is the city asking the county for funds for projects that would come down to city taxpayers?” a citizen asked.

Hossain was unable to continue, and Bob Daigh, senior director of infrastructure for Williamson County, stepped in and gave a presentation.

Afterwards, he turned things over to Precinct 4 Commissioner Russ Boles, who attempted to explain that the meeting was simply the preliminaries of proposals and not the actual proposals.

A voice disputed by replying with an accusation of “insider trading.”

Boles continued on for the remainder of the evening as more comments, concerns and questions rolled in.

One citizen expressed concerns of flooding by saying, “don’t build new roads until you repair the roads that flood.”

Another stated that the projects up for proposal were interfering with the quality of life and way of life of everyone in the room.

Other concerns expressed involved roads utilized by first responders and frontage roads for the 130 Toll Road.

After the meeting ended, some people stayed in an attempt to talk to Boles and Daigh.

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