Thrall Summer Reading Program

Thrall students Amiyah and Desiree Sanchez reading books during the Thrall Summer Reading Program. Courtesy photo.

THRALL —Thrall ISD shows a positive impact from HB3 and the 86th Legislative Session; Thrall ISD has been identified as a Texas Fast Growth District from the past three-years enrollment data.

The 86th Legislative Session ended in May and HB3 was passed to bring a significant amount of funding for Texas School Districts.

Thrall ISD was a major benefactor of the HB3 legislation passing. The district will be able to lower the school district tax current rate of $1.389 to $1.2874 for its constituents; $0.10 cents lower per $100 evaluation on property.

“This is a win-win in my eyes for the taxpayers and students”, said Superintendent Tommy Hooker. “The reduction of taxes to our community does not take funding out of the classroom as HB3 emphasizes the purpose to place funding into both sides for making funding improvements; lowering taxes while increasing funding for programs in public schools.”

This shows just how strong the Texas economy and the Rainy-Day Fund are currently.

“When we set out to pass bond 2015, the goal was to meet our needs with a new high school facility, elementary library and various other capital improvements across the district campus. With the support of the voters, the bond passed, and the board refocused on the district’s long-range strategic planning process,” said Bryan Holubec, Thrall ISD board president. “This planning process is the ongoing effort to identify financially responsible ways to meet the district’s everchanging future needs while keeping the ability to lower the tax rate as part of the objective.”

This can be accomplished by increased enrollment and the passage of a fair funding mechanism, that was the outcome by the work of legislatures this year. The Thrall ISD board recognizes this great work by Representative Terry Wilson, who was a great ambassador for the schools in Williamson County and the counties he represents and extends thanks to all supportive legislatures in the state.

The board adopted the new 2019-2020 budget with a significant tax decrease and raised the salaries of all teachers by an average of 7.6 percent, some as much as 10 percent while others were in the 6 percent range. All staff received salary increases including instructional aides, maintenance department, transportation and the cafeteria Staff.

Last year, the Thrall ISD board approved a significant salary increase for all educators including raising teachers that were capped at the 20-year mark and moving them up to a 25-year scale, increasing the stipend for those with a master’s degree, and increased the health stipend by 100 percent (by the district) raising the district portion another $1,800 per year to add to their health plan.

This is a huge pre-tax savings for educators paying the premiums for health insurance.

Over a period of three years, Thrall ISD has grown at a rate of 10.5 percent, placing it in the top 1/10th of all Texas schools. The UIL realignment will be done in October of this year and Thrall High School anticipates remaining in classification 2A for two more years.

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