Taylor’s International Barbecue Cook-Off, held June 8, gave local cookers something to celebrate.

The cook off, which had over 10 competitions, had a diverse assortment of cookers that came in from Houston to Granger, as well as Taylor, to compete for different titles.

One of the teams, FineSwine BBQ, came in from Austin to compete. The team consisted of three team members, Ron, Owen and Danny. They work in technology in Austin, and their excitement to cook good barbeque, drove them to Taylor to compete.

“We aren’t from Taylor,” Ron said. “We also don’t cook professionally, we’re just three friends that came together to make a team because we love cooking [in the cook-off].”

Dirty BBQ is a team from Granger that won multiple categories, including 1st place chicken, 2nd place beef and Reserve Master Cook. Winning was something they knew would happen for them before judging, as the cooker was very confidant.

“If you look at that brisket, you can see the juice after I squeeze it,” he said. That’s how you know you’ve got good brisket.”

A young cooker with Dirty BBQ was a child who competed in the grilled cheese category, and won 3rd place.

One team that had family ties to the competition was Piggy Smalls, who compete almost every year. Team member Guy Mitchell said they look forward to competing with family.

“We do this about every year, so we’re no strangers to it,” he said. “We’ve got our cousins out here in the next tent over, so we love to come out here and participate with them.”

Perhaps the most family oriented team was the Reyes family, or Ste-V-Ray BBQ, who won the Bob Roberts Memorial Award, along with Best Pit.

The Bob Roberts Award is named after a cooker who competed in the cook-off, and helped organize cook-off events for years.


Master Cook

Twisted L BBQ – Sean Leschber

Reserved Master Cook

Dirty BBQ- Matt Perez


Michna Squaws & Chief Randy Michna

Reserve Showmanship

Piggie Smalls- Brent Gettes

Best Rig

Ste-V-Ray BBQ – Steven Reyes Family

Bob Roberts Memorial Award

Ste-V-Ray BBQ – Steven Reyes Family


1st – Straight up BBQ, Clay Raesz

2nd – Dirty BBQ, Matt Perez

3rd – Show Us Your Pits, Mark Paulsen

Pork Ribs

1st – Los Primos, Miseal Puente

2nd – Twisted L BBQ, Sean Leschber

3rd – Michna Squaws, Randy Michna


1st – Dirty BBQ, Matt Perez

2nd – CTBA Outlaws, Charlie Shirley

3rd – Serious Smoke, Syrissa Dominguez

Cook’s Choice

1st – Dirty BBQ, Sean Leschber

2nd – Big Blue BBQ, Jake Prager

3rd – S-Mor-Kin-Ator’s, Moses Guerrero Jr.

Jackpot Beans

1st – Czexicans, Terry Skrhak

2nd – Smoke This, Bubba Cepak

3rd – Hywind Yella Catters, Clayton Loeve

Jackpot BBQ Sauce

1st – Dirty Foot BBQ, Robert Holliman

2nd – Just Duett, Clifton Duett

3rd – L & M Cookers, Larry McAdams

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