Taylor Police

Local residents are advised to adhere to Williamson County’s recent order, and there could be consequences if they don’t compy.

Punishment for failure to comply with the Stay Home Stay Safe Order is $1,000 or confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days. The Order went into effect March 24 and continues through April 13.

Williamson County’s order was issued in response the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to slow the spread of the disease. Residents are allowed to leave their residences for essential activities, including but not limited to:

  • activities or tasks essential to the health and safety of you and your family or household members, including your pets;
  • obtaining food, household goods and supplies to work from home;
  • engaging in limited outdoor activity such as walking, running or hiking, as long as social distancing requirements are followed;
  • working for or going to an essential business;
  • conducting minimum basic operations for a non-essential business;
  • caring for a family member or pet in another household;
  • exchanging children between parents, guardians or managing conservators pursuant to a child custody order or agreement between the parties.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, constables, fire marshal’s office and licensed peace officers such as police department will be enforcing the order. Fines or arrests will not always be the answer.

“The Taylor Police Department has been educating and informing persons who are in violation of this order,” said Chief Henry Fluck. “The Police Department is seeking to gain compliance.  An arrest would be made only as a last resort.”

For more information on the order, visit http://williamson-county.org/williamson-county-orders-residents-to-stay-safe-stay-home.

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