With Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 5, there has been talk about the Williamson County road bond propositions and how they will affect local communities.

Proposition A will allow the county to issue and sell bond with a $412,000,000 for roads. 

Proposition B will allow a $35,000,000 cap for park and recreational purposes.

“The Commissioners’ Court, cities, engineers, consultants and the political alliances have their own agenda and the citizens’ wants and best interests are in no way part of that agenda,” said Dana Boehm, who lives in Norman’s Crossing near FM 3349 and FM 1660. 

She said the county has provided no real answers about the effects of the bonds.

“From attending and speaking at every open house, committee meeting, requesting open records and reaching out to every level of engineers assigned to the corridor projects, I have

been left without any consistent answers, often with no answers,” Boehm said. “We have been dismissed, disrespected, deceived and questions continually deflected at every single encounter by every single representative of the county and taxpayer-funded engineering firms.”

The corridors are planned for every five miles going north and south with connecting arterial roads every mile, spanning north, south, East and West.

Boehm said these bond projects will destroy farmland that has been in her family for generations. 

“What has been built and honored by my family for 129 years, this bond package and the Southeast corridor will destroy,” she said. “No farm or ranch land will remain, and any fragmented areas will be so flood prone it will be unsafe to house livestock.”

Boehm said there is a lot for people to know before they cast their votes Tuesday. She believes the dollars spent on open house and citizen bond committee meetings were all a formality to give the impression that the county listened to the citizens.

“They did not take into consideration anything the thousands of us said. The corridor plans were set into motion in 1999 by people who are still very much invested in the realization of their plans,” she said. “This is insider trading on every level at the devastating cost of landowners, taxpayers and those on fixed incomes being taxed out of their homes.”

Amy Kwalwasser, who lives in Precinct 1 in Round Rock’s ETJ, agreed and said the county has no fiscal accountability or transparency when it comes to the bonds. 

“Williamson County is already heavily in debt, with principal and interest totaling more than $1.2 billion, according to the latest available data from the Texas Comptroller’s office,” she said. “Add another $447 million in principal plus interest and we’ll be approaching $2 billion in total debt. It’s fiscally irresponsible to saddle taxpayers and our children with that level of indebtedness.”

Kwalwasser said the bonds won’t solve the county’s most pressing problems and will worsen traffic jams in the future because many of the bonds proposed projects will hasten growth.

“Less costly solutions have been ignored,” Kwalwasser said. “Instead, County officials want $27.5 million to add multiple lanes and a shared use lane of a 2.5-mile stretch of road, forever destroying viewshed and quality of life for nearby residents, three churches, a party facility and others along that route.”

She believes the bonds were presented in a way to offer something to “sweeten the pot” with the park bonds.

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Say No To Wilco Bonds

Here’s a 75-second YouTube video that quickly covers many bond points. Just copy and paste it into your browser. https://youtu.be/tMkzaZvRr80

Say No To Wilco Bonds

Ironically, even though Taylor might have the most to lose if this upcoming bond package passes, Taylor had the fourth lowest voter turnout in early voting in all of Williamson County. As Sir Thomas More wrote, "Silence gives consent." If you don't want all these roads decimating blackland heritage farms, if you don't want flooding, traffic, corrupt officials profiting at taxpayer expense, higher property taxes, and more county debt, get to the polls Tuesday, November 5, and VOTE NO to County Propositions A&B (roads and park bonds). If the KXAN expose wasn't enough for you to recognize how bad this situation is, watch this 75-second video. Then get out tomorrow from 7AM-7PM and vote NO! https://youtu.be/tMkzaZvRr80


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