Regina Wright got more exposure on Wednesday than she probably bargained for.

That afternoon, Wright was a guest on “Around the Watercooler,” the weekly sports show produced by the Taylor Press and streamed live on the paper’s Facebook page.

She was on the show to talk about her athletic career and her induction into the University of Arkansas-Monticello sports hall of fame.

Later that evening, she appeared on Live PD, a television show that features television cameras following police officers as they do their normal work and broadcasting live on the A&E Network. Photographers from the show have been riding with Williamson County deputies, this week.

She got to brag about herself on the local show. She appeared in handcuffs on the national show.

Wednesday evening, a Taylor police officer saw the truck Wright was driving hit a mail box in the 400 block of Bland Street. As the officer pulled Wright over, she left the truck and fled on foot. She didn’t get far.

“Our officer was able to catch up pretty quickly and make an arrest,” said Taylor Police Commander Joseph Branson.

During her flight, she threw down a pill bottle. Officers found the bottle and discovered it contained two small rocks that field-tested as cocaine.

Branson said officers then searched her truck where they found a very small amount of meth.

Wright, who is 47 and lives in Taylor, was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance, felony Group I, under one gram, and evading arrest and detention.

As of Friday, she remained in custody in the Williamson County Jail with bonds totaling $25,000.

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