Last week, vandals found a way around a lock and into a shed for a second time - through the wall. 

According to police reports, on Friday, Nov. 22, officers responded to a call around 7:45 a.m. at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 401 W. Seventh St., for a burglary of a building. 

"They gained entry by removing a panel off of the shed," said Commander Joseph Branson. 

Officers found that a back panel of the shed's wall was torn off, and that's how the thefts entered and exited the shed. Property was stolen, but because the case is still under investigation, police have not released that information. 

Branson said this was the second time in about a month that the church shed had been burglarized. He said equipment was also taken at that time. 

The investigation is still open. 

"It's hard to pin down the reason why this is the target," Branson said. 

In addition to the burglaries at St. Paul Lutheran, three other local churches fell victim to theft. 

On Oct. 2, Memorial Baptist Church at 340 W. Lake Drive, Oct. 18, Taylor Brethren Church at 710 Sloan and Oct. 25, Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church at 516 Elliott, were all burglarized. 

While the burglaries have happened, Branson said police do not believe churches are being targeted by burglars. 

Four of the cases are still under investigation and police have a warrant filed for the fifth.

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