Last week, a car chase through town was halted due to safety issues, and the suspect got away.

According to police reports, on Monday, Nov. 16, officers attempted to make a traffic stop, which turned into a car chase through local neighborhoods.

"The on-duty officer terminated the pursuit due to dangerous circumstances," said Taylor Police Commander Joseph Branson. "[The driver] was going through residential streets with a high-rate of speed."

There were no injuries due to the chase, however the driver did escape police custody for the moment.

"It is known who the driver is, and we will be filing charges," Branson said. 

Officers do not know why the driver did not stop. The chase went on several streets in town including Second and Lake Drive and through residential neighborhoods.

Spikes were deployed but were not successful in stopping the driver. He said this tactic is used when officers feel it is appropriate.

"We will take an opportunity to deploy the spikes if we feel it's safe to do so and if we feel like it is going to be effective," he said.

Branson commended the officers and the patrol supervisor for the decision to stop the chase.

"They did a really good job of terminating the pursuit when it got to really dangerous speeds," he said. 

Branson said other than the potential danger of the high speeds, there is no other threat to the community. 

“It's very dangerous to lead officers on a pursuit like this. It only leads to further charges," he said. "If an officer is attempting a traffic stop on you, pull over to the right and work it out with the officer at the time.”

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