HUTTO – Here’s a quick run-down on the top happenings from the January 18 City Council meeting.

Hutto Co-Op District Update

MA Partners presented an update on the Hutto Co-Op District Project timelines and design work.

Both Live Oak Boulevard and Co-Op Boulevard have been paved. The pavers in front of City Hall have been completed and work continues on the pavers on Co-Op Boulevard to US Highway 79. Approval is pending from TxDOT but expected any day now.

The new City Hall and Public Library building will be turned over to city staff in the middle of February.

Work on the silo continues. The design is expected to be an open area on the bottom and event space on the second floor. The second floor space will be all glass with windows that will open.

On the retail side, both Southside Market & Barbecue and Flix will begin construction in the second quarter. MA Partners representative Bob Wunsch also announced a signed lease for a retail tenant with specifics to be released in February.

City Approves Private Activity Bonds for Peripheral Investments, L.P.: The City of Hutto considered and approved the issuance of private activity bond not to exceed $10 million to assist in the relocation and development of Paradigm Metals, Inc. to Hutto.

"The private activity bonds offer the CDC another tool we have not previously taken advantage of to drive business growth in Hutto," said Steven Harris, CDC Board Chairman.

Paradigm Metals, Inc., owner by Peripheral Investments, L.P., a precision machinery and sheet metal fabrication plant is relocating its headquarters to a new building of approximately 100,000 square feet at Innovation Business Park.

Paradigm Metals plans to bring 125 employees to their headquarters at Innovation Business Park, and to grow to approximately 300 employees within 10 years. The company expects to invest in excess of $10 million on the new facility, which includes purchasing the land, planning, relocation expenses, equipment and construction.

Hutto Economic Development Team Drives Results

Members of the City of Hutto Economic Development department participated at the International Shopping Center Conference in Ft. Worth last week. The team had over 200 booth visitors, with 69 inquiries, generating at least five site visits in the days after the conference.

Bonds Update

The City Council authorized the City Manager to move forward to issue bonds on the design phases for the Hwy. 1660 projects, Old Town and the underpass. It is anticipated the underpass will be located at or near CR 132 and Hwy. 79. The Council also authorized the City Manager to move forward on preliminary design work for the parks and recreational opportunities identified by the parks and rec. advisory board and the parks improvement committee. City Council asked the City Manager to position the City to begin some parks and recreation projects in April.

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