COVID-19 results were up or down in areas of East Williamson County this past week.

In Taylor, there were reportedly 33 active cases as of Aug. 4, down from 37 four days earlier. There are an estimated 276 recoveries in the city.

“Total COVID-19 cases for Taylor so far is 309, and that's up 11 from my last update (on July 31),” said Mayor Brandt Rydell. “We're still reporting the eight deaths from COVID-19 in Taylor.”

Based on the mayor's July reports that in turn is based on data from the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD), here is a breakdown of the novel coronavirus' July activity in Taylor.

COVID-19 Cases in Taylor — July 2020
DateActive*TotalNew cases to totalRate of new cases
July 366118--
July 6No report139+21 -
July 10No report169+30Λ   9
July 1454195+26V   4
July 1746210+15V 11
July 2162254+44Λ 29
July 2462269+15V 29
July 2834284+15—  0
July 3137298+14 V  1
Aug. 433309+11 V  3

* Active cases are estimated based on estimated recoveries.

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Coronavirus cases in Hutto continue to decline in general.

As of Aug. 4, Hutto was estimated to have 42 active cases and 399 recoveries. The home of the Hippos had approximately 63 active cases July 24, which puts Monday’s total lower by 21 cases.

Overall, there have been at least 441 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hutto as of Tuesday. There were 383 cases on July 24.


Last Friday, zip code 76530 was estimated to be up by two active cases of COVID-19 from two weeks earlier.

“After seeing our number of cases decline in the area,” said Granger Mayor Trevor Cheatheam, “we have experienced a slight uptick.”

On July 31, there were an estimated five active cases in the zip code. There are an estimated 37 recoveries in the same area.

“Remember, masks are still required in businesses and are generally recommended every time you are around others,” said Cheatheam.

Granger’s zip code also includes the communities of Walburg, Friendship and rural area.


Active cases in the Thrall area have reportedly been reduced to two.

As of Aug. 5, the city of Thrall’s tally of cases in zip code 76578, which includes Noack, was down to an estimated two active cases. There are approximately 25 recoveries in the same area. With one previously reported death, there have been 28 cases in total during the pandemic.

Williamson County

Active cases continue to go down in the county based on estimates, although the WCCHD has some concerns as overall cases mount.

As of Aug. 5, Williamson County had an estimated 522 active cases of COVID-19, down from 559 on July 30. With 5,251 recoveries and 83 deaths linked to COVID-19, the county's total is 5,949.

Overall, the county added 234 more cases in five days. WCCHD says the rate of new infections, percent of positive test rates and doubling time have slowed down. The percentage of intensive care unit beds available is holding steady. The health district says that Williamson County is past the recent peak from explosive case growth in June and July.

However, the district is worried at some testing figures.

"The percent of viral tests positive is quite high and much higher than the state and national rates," said the WCCHD in their Aug. 5 update. "There is still quite a bit of disease transmission in the community, ... which is of particular concern as we work with school districts on reopening plans. Given our still high disease transmission and new infection rates and high positive testing rate, school openings are of great concern. School districts need to track disease trends when considering reopening, and the public should continue social distancing, practicing proper hand washing, and avoiding large social gatherings."

WCCHD reports other figures and trends for residents to gauge COVID-19's impact in the county on a daily basis. To see the data, visit

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