Taylor’s best cooks showed out at S.P.J.S.T. Lodge 29’s BBQ cook-off Sept. 28 and many teams walked away winning big awards.

The teams that participated ranged from experienced to first-time attendees.

Team Patton Construction BBQ has been apart of the cook-off for years and while team member Weston Fisher said they were looking to place in every category, they had their eyes set on the grand champion cook.

“We’re competing for everything. [We’re competing for the] brisket, ribs, chicken, [pork] butt, cook’s choice and beans [divisions],” he said. “I’m with my dad, my friend and my mom. We came out here [the day before] and we’ve been cooking for years and years. We want to win every category if you ask me, but what we’re after is grand champion cook.

Winning every category is a goal that most teams shared that Saturday, as not only do winners get awards, but money as well. The more a team wins, the more money they win.

Team Coupland Country Club has finessed this strategy, as they enter all divisions and team member Wayne Ging Jr. says his team has been competing since the competition started

“We’ve been out here since yesterday and we’re entering in everything, a big variety,” he said. “We’re hoping to walk away with [all the awards]. We’ve made every single [one of these competitions]. We’ve been doing this for 19 years.”

Ging’s son, who was also in attendance, is 20 years old and he said his son’s been in attendance at the competition since he was one year’s old. 

Ging is also the owner of Wayne’s Plumbing. While he loves to cook, he admits that find time for it is hard and he’s chosen to only compete in S.P.J.S.T.’s cook-off, because its all he has time for.

“We just make time to cook,” he said. “It’s hard. You have to hustle all week and in the evenings, [you] get everything together and then come out here. We’ll be here [next year], we’ve been here next year and we’ve done a bunch of these in different towns. We only do this one now, because we don’t have time for the rest of them.”

While winning big is a main objective for seasoned cook-off veterans, newcomers like to compete for fun. This is especially true for first-time competing team Texican Grill and Bean, which is comprised of father and son Mark and Matthew Garasic.

Team member Mark Garasic said he looks forward to having a good time, even if he doesn’t place.

“This is our first year competing,” he said. “Every time [this tournament comes up] my daughter has a tournament, but this year it worked out. [Even if we don’t win,] it’s just good to have a good time and cook.”

For a team to win, impressing judges is a must and Judge Monica Stojanik, who has been judging for eight years, said she looks at how contestants present their food, in addition to it’s taste and smell.

“I like to judge cook’s choice because of the variety,” she said. “There’s seafood, rib eyes and ribs. I look for how it looks, the smell and taste. If it doesn’t look good you’re not going to want to eat it. It’s not hard to judge because it comes to you. You taste it and write down what you feel.” 

After the first judges taste the food, it gets tallied and the top points go to the Final Table. The team with the highest points at the Final Table is the teams that win and place. 

Tammy Cannon is treasurer for the S.P.J.S.T. and works at the tallying table. She shared the process of how they choose the top 10 winners in each category.

“We have the four tables and the judges score one to 15 (15 being the best) and when the sheets come to us, we put them on the tabulation form, then we sort it, take the top [teams], we determine how many from each table we’ll take and they go to the finals table and they do the same thing again,” she said. “They take the top 10 [teams] as the winners.

Among teams who won big were Nazarene BBQ and Serious Smoke, who walked away with multiple prizes.


The top three winners of the S.P.J.S.T. BBQ are:


Master Cook:

Nazarene BBQ Team –Norman Ebeling


2nd Master Cook:

Serious Smoke –Syrissa Dominguez 


3rd Master Cook:

Big Blue BBQ –Jake Prager


Best Rig:

Serious Smoke –Syrissa Dominguez



1st –Boss Hog –Justin Shirley

2nd –Real Men of Genius #2 –Glen Tharp

3rd –Smoked Dreamz –Frank Gonzales


Pork Ribs:

1st –Nazarene BBQ Team –Norman Ebeling

2nd –Doodle Q –Kyle Kirk

3rd –Serious Smoke –Syrissa Dominguez 



1st –BBQ Bandits- Leo Makovy

2nd –Uncle Buck’s BBQ – Kurt Taylor

3rd –Snake Snatchers –Adam Jezisek, 


Jackpot Beans:

1st –Twisted L BBQ #1 –Sean Leschber

2nd –Bits & Pieces –Trey Krueger

3rd –S-Moe-Kin-ator’s –Moses Guerrero


Jackpot Cook’s Choice:

1st –Patin Construction #2 –Weston Fisher

2nd –Boozin Bohemian BBQ –Don Juan Sumbera

3rd –Nazarene BBQ Team –Norman Ebeling

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