The 2019 Business Expo and Job Fair, sponsored by the Greater Taylor Chamber of Commerce and the Taylor Economic Development Corporation, will be 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Williamson County Expo Center. Admission is free of charge.

“There is no other opportunity like this,” Expo committee member Nancci Burgess said. “You get one-on-one time with people to ask them questions and really sell your business in an exciting and engaging atmosphere.”

The event, organized by the Chamber’s Marketing Committee, will serve all the local businesses in Taylor, and President of the Chamber Tia Stone said there are always two goals in mind for the expo. 

“It gives businesses a chance to meet people who might not ever stop in their stores and it gives area residents a chance to learn about businesses they might never know about,” she said.

Stone said the Expo Center has the space and capacity to host the event so residents can learn about local businesses.

“The Business Expo is a great place to learn about Taylor area businesses and what they offer,” she said. “It’s more fun to do business with a friend and the Expo is all about meeting new people and forming new relationships while you are having fun, playing games and winning prizes.”

The convenience of one-stop shopping for goods, services, job applications and interviews with local hiring companies along with family-style entertainment, food, music, and more than $4,000 in door prizes draws people to the Expo and Job Fair. The Expo lifted the profile of the participating businesses and laid future customers and employees at their doorsteps.

Last year’s Business Expo and Job Fair saw more than 1,000 potential customers and future employees from throughout the area stop in to learn about the goods and services from 60 of the most forward-thinking business in town.

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