The Taylor High School Academic Decathlon (AcDec) team competed in the Texas State Academic Decathlon virtual competition Feb. 27 and earned the State Small School Silver Medal as a team. 

Due to a technical issue with the Regional competition, no objective subject medals were awarded. However, the subjective scores from speech, interview and essay became the scores for the state competition. 

Fortunately, for the Taylor team, they had the highest total in the state over all of the large, medium and small schools in the subjective categories.

Vicki Rowe coaches the Taylor Academic Decathlon team and received the Texas Academic Decathlon Small School Coach of the Year Award.

She has been a teacher for over thirty-eight years and has coached AcDec for 19 years. Her team consistently ranks in the state’s top three, and they frequently earn rankings at the national level.

Rowe was nominated for Coach of the Year by current team member, Jessilyn Fuentes. In her nomination, Fuentes described Rowe as an educator dedicated to improving her students’ education by taking the necessary time and involvement required and creating an impact in her students’ lives.

“Whether teaching English or coaching Academic Decathlon, Mrs. Rowe always makes sure to invest her creativity, money, and time to aiding her students to pursue their very best career and to establish a love for learning every day,” Fuentes said.

Prior to COVID-19, AcDec scholars enjoyed study sessions that Rowe hosted in her home, providing home cooked meals for the team as they diligently worked to prepare for competition. Chez Rowe is described by scholars as a fun day for everyone on the team and something they all looked forward to. Her hospitality, as well as her guidance and encouragement, has led the team to many successes.

“In her eyes, every single student on campus is a potential team member,” said Fuentes. “No one is wrong for the team. And because of this, she has helped countless students grow more confident in their abilities and their individual gifts.”

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