The Williamson County Expo Center revealed its plans to expand its building through a groundbreaking, Wednesday, Sept. 11.

The new edition will include a pavilion and an eastside concession stand with restrooms. The two areas will be connected in the same building and a stall barn will be located in the pavilion, according to Williamson County Expo Center Office Manager Mehgan Murray. 

“There will be 200 stalls and that will be where the livestock will be kept for livestock shows, or whenever we’re bringing livestock in if we need too, she said.” 

The stalls will be in the covered part of the Expo Center and Murray believes this expansion is not only beneficial, but also essential.

“The space we have now is taking up valuable real estate space,” she said “It’s also on concrete ground, which is not ideal for horses we keep for livestock because it’s a hard surface, which is hard on their knees and legs.” 

The new pavilion will have 100 more stalls and a dirt floor, which Murray said would be a softer floor for the horses and better for the Expo Center. 

About 50 to 60 people attended the groundbreaking. Guests included architects, populous, the Center’s designer, Prime Construction, contractors, Williamson County Prescient 4 Commissioner Russ Boles, City Manager Brian Laborde, Mayor Brandt Rydell and other representatives.

Companies like Go Fast Races also attended and Hunter Jumper Shows, which host equestrian shows. The Taylor Rodeo Association appeared and Murray feels the expansion will increase interest from those groups, as well as prospective visitors. 

“It’ll create a space to house more livestock for equestrian events and it’ll create great [opportunities] for people to [visit], eat in Taylor and shop in Taylor,” she said.

Although construction has not started, Murray hopes the expansion starts soon.

“More importantly, the expanded space will provide more stalls available year round for more events. Right now, they’ve started putting up the anti-erosion fence and we hope to start soon.”

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