Taylor will get to experience the birth of Jesus Christ and the historical events that led up to it at the 12th annual live nativity scene Saturday, Dec. 14 and Sunday, Dec. 15 at Immanuel Lutheran Church from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Coordinator Bonnie Gordon said the event will take guests through the story of the birth of Jesus through scenes displayed by actors and guides. 

“The live nativity is about the birth of Jesus Christ,” she said. “When people first arrive, they’ll go into the church and get a number. They’ll be led by a guide, who’ll be the narrator. We have actors that speak, but guides will be the main narrators. As the numbers are called, the guest will go through the tour as it goes through Nazareth, the market place, the shepherd and the stable.”

Gordon said each tour is 20 minutes. Guests go to the first scene and once they arrive to the next scene, that scene will begin.

“It’s a continuous rotation,” she said. “It’s live and interactive. When guests walk into the market, [the actors] get set up in the fellowship hall. We’ll have people shopping, carpenters, pottery makers and people walking around. There are 135 cast members.”

Gordon responsibilities as coordinator include scheduling, casting actors and distributing information to people involved. She also distributes costumes, which she said she sews herself.

“I have help [coordinating], but I’m lead,” she said. “We sew the costumes. It’s mostly me who does it, but there are so many other people [that help] now. I make sure costumes are available. Our director is Dannie Volek and our choir director is Anita Volek. We have different people taking care of different areas.”

The helping hands of the live nativity scene also include a diverse background of members from various churches, according to Gordon. She is humbled by how many people are willing to help. 

“We had people come from 15 different churches from surrounding areas that have helped out with it,” she said. “They’ll come from [surrounding areas like] Round Rock and Georgetown. The fact that churches are coming together is amazing and special.”

Overall, Gordon hopes to bring the story of Christ to children and those who don’t know the story.

“Christ was born to save us,” she said. “Adults bring children because they want to teach them. Sometimes we’ll get someone that’ll say ‘we didn’t know this story,’ so we want to tell it.”

Admission to the live nativity is free but guests are welcome to donate funds or food, which will go to the Hutto Food Pantry and Shepherd’s Heart.

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