Seven juveniles caused a stir Thursday afternoon in Taylor after a car and foot chase with the Williamson County Sheriff's Deputies. 

According to the Sheriff's Department, a deputy noticed and ran the plates of a truck at Golden Chick in the 1700 block of W. Second St. and learned that it was stolen out of Austin. Deputies followed the truck to the convenient store on Mallard and Carlos Parker Blvd. NW. 

There deputies tried to make a traffic stop and the truck fled on Carlos Parker to CR 366 to Chandler Road then to CR 369 back to Chandler Road then to Bill Pickett Trail. 

The chase stretched four to five miles and ended after the truck spun out of control and crashed at TH Johnson Dr. Four of the juveniles in the vehicle stayed while the other three took off on foot and jumped fences into resident's backyards. 

At the time of the pursuit, the Taylor Middle School went into a "lock out" mode to keep students safe. 

"It was not a threat to the school directly," said Taylor Police Commander Joseph Branson. "It didn't last very long, but we want to take all measures to make sure our schools are safe."

He said a lock out mode is to secure the perimeter of the building and any students outside of the building would be brought inside for safety. Anyone who entered the building would have to be escorted by school staff. 

In a lock down situation, classrooms would be locked, and no one could enter or exit the building. In some situations, lights are turned off and students are told to stay away from the windows. 

"There was no indication that the subjects were headed to the school, but it was in the area, so we wanted to take all precautions," Branson said. 

All seven suspects were arrested. According to the Sheriff's Department, one of the suspects had a directive to apprehend for a previous unauthorized use of a vehicle out of Travis County. Two others were in the Deputies system as runaways.

Since the suspects were all juveniles, deputies cannot release their names. All of the juveniles are believed to be from the Austin area. 

"Pursuits are dangerous, so it is a good idea to pull over when a police officer pulls up behind you," a deputy said. 

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