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COVID-19 testing in Taylor will be done by appointment only. For more information about when appointments are available, visit www.wcchd.org.

A 14th case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Taylor.

On May 6, Mayor Brandt Rydell announced the additional case in the city. He warned of a possible 15th case that might be confirmed the next day.

"We think that we're at least up to 14 at this point in the city, and it's very likely we have 15 cases," said Rydell. "I'll know better tomorrow."

At least seven people in Taylor have recovered from COVID-19.

The total number of Taylor cases fluctuated in recent days after dipping from 13 to 12 late last week. Rydell has mentioned that case numbers might adjust over time as patients’ cities or addresses of residence are clarified.

“I found out last night that one of those confirmed cases has either been redistributed or applied to a different community,” said Rydell Saturday, “or otherwise there’s some issue with the case number.”

Regardless, Taylor was back to 13 total cases by Monday.

View Mayor Brandt Rydell's full announcement below this article

Hutto has had 27 cases of COVID-19 within its city limits as of May 6. About 18 people have recovered, while one loss of life has been attributed to the disease. There are at least eight active cases in Hutto.

Williamson County has had at least 341 cases of COVID-19. From May 2-6, the county went up by 35 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, according to the Williamson County and Cities Health District. There have been 199 people who contracted the pandemic disease that are no longer ill, meaning 58% have recovered.

On May 5, County Judge Bill Gravell announced that another resident had passed due to COVID-19. The individual was described as a male in his 50s.

"It is crippling to get the news that the coronavirus has claimed the life of another one of our residents. We stand with those who have lost a loved one to this deadly disease,” said Gravell. “It is in memory of those who have passed that we should make it a point to follow proper hygiene, consider wearing a face-covering, and try to minimize our exposure to those that are part of our vulnerable community.”

The next day, the death of a male in his 90s was announced.

“It is heartbreaking to report the county’s twelfth death," said the judge. "I am reminded that we are still in the fight against this deadly disease, and it will take all of us doing our part to keep our loved ones, and others in our community safe. When we make sacrifices to reduce the spread we save lives."

The county is investigating clusters of COVID-19 outbreaks at three nursing homes, although it's unknown if any deaths are from those facilities since privacy protection laws only permit the release of limited patient information. Williamson County says it is unable to release any additional patient information.

As of Wednesday, 12 deaths in the county have been attributed to the coronavirus.

Regarding cities with less than 20,000 people or rural communities, there have 36 confirmed cases thus far. Approximately 22 have recovered, leaving 14 still battling the illness.

This week, the city of Thrall said there was no confirmed case of COVID-19 there. However, the city said on its website that it had been notified of one active case in the 76578 zip code outside the city limits. Thrall lies at the northwest border of 76578, which extends to eastern border and into the southeast corner of the county and beyond.

“Please continue to practice social distancing,” the city reminded citizens, “and limit public contact as much as possible."

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