Since Tuesday, five more Taylor citizens have been diagnosed with COVID-19 while another four recovered.

On May 16, Mayor Brandt Rydell informed the community of the latest numbers of COVID-19 in the city as Williamson County and Cities Health District released their latest figures as well. The latest cases attributed to Taylor include two announced Friday and one on Saturday

"Our total confirmed case count is now at 22," said Rydell. "Ten of those are active cases. 12 represent those who have recovered from the virus."

Hutto has had 33 cases of COVID-19. About 22 people have recovered. With one previously reported death, 10 cases remain active.

Williamson County’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 spiked by 17, 27 and 18 from May 12 through May 14. As of May 16, the county has had 463 confirmed cases in the coronavirus pandemic. Approximately 55%, or 259 residents, have recovered.

"Could be a number of reasons for that uptick," said Rydell. "We do know there's increased testing going on throughout the county, the state and the nation, and I know a number of nursing homes are having more enhanced testing. In fact, all nursing home residents and staff will be required to be tested here going forward."

County Judge Bill Gravell announced Thursday of the passing of three more individuals linked to COVID-19. They included a male in his 90s, a female in her 90s and a female in her 100s.

Gravell indicated some deaths could be from nursing home clusters. Overall, 19 deaths in the county have been attributed to the coronavirus.

"Losing even just one of our residents was tragic, but 19 lives lost is far too many," said Gravell. "As we cope with the passing of members in our community, I want to emphasize the importance behind our continued efforts to protect all senior citizens. The loss of life in our nursing homes where patients have tested positive for COVID-19 has been devastating. As part of the Wilco family, we must take care of our vulnerable population by loving and supporting them at a distance in order to keep them safe."

The county recently investigated potential clusters of COVID-19 outbreaks at three nursing homes. However, it's unknown which cases might come from those facilities since privacy protection laws only permit the release of limited patient information.

As of May 16, there are 185 active cases of COVID-19 in Williamson County.

In cities with less than 20,000 people and other rural communities, there have been 27 cases of COVID-19 elsewhere in Williamson County. Approximately 15 residents have freed from the disease, leaving 12 active.

The city of Thrall reported earlier this month of one active case in zip code 76578 but outside the city limits. Thrall lies at the northwest border of 76578, which extends to eastern county border and into the southeast corner of the county and beyond.

There are no reports of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in other eastern Williamson County communities as of May 15.

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