Anoited Temple, 704 W. Third Street, is in need of financial help to save the church. It was build 78 years ago, and is facing severe damage from the recent winter storm.

The members of the little wooden church by the railroad track are trying to find a way to save their place of worship.

Anointed Temple Church, 704 W. Third Street, was built in 1943 by the original founders and stood until 1969 when it had to be rebuilt and upgraded. Pastored by Bishop Willie McNeal, the church has been an active and vital congregation in Taylor for 78 years but currently needs major repairs. 

"Now, this congregation is in desperate need of an assistant to help rebuild a safe and healthy place to gather for worship and other community activities," said Doris Corely, church member.

The church suffered major damages from the recent winter storm. The damage created structural issues, which made the building unsafe to occupy.

The current church is also considered "unsafe" because it does not have central heating or air conditioning. The building is also in need of a hot water heater.

"Our church has been broken into a lot, so we need the doors with the bars so it can be locked," church member LaShandra Corley said.

She said the foundation of the building shifts, which makes it difficult to keep the doors securely locked.

In the 78 years that the building has been on the lot, there have not been major repairs, only necessary repairs as they happen. The church has contacted a company that will rebuild the church.

"This will require heavy equipment rentals and thousands of dollars of material and labor with weeks of work. Your donations will be a blessing in this endeavor," said Doris.

LaShandra, 35, has been a member at the church her entire life and wants to help get her home church full of members and worshipers again.

"We've got to raise the money for that portion first," she said. "Once we do, they will tear down the church that is currently there and will bring a tin building in. The building is completely put together."

The church's goal is to reach $50,000 to save the church. There is a GoFundMe set up to collect donations for the construction. Additional fundraisers have included a community garage sale, bake sales and T-shirt sales.

"We appreciate you and every penny received as we work to rebuild our church. All monies raised will be used expressly for rebuilding of Anointed Temple," Doris said.

To make a donation, contact Doris at 512-839-7668.

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