Driving down Dolan Street towards East Martin Luther King Drive you may notice the soccer goals now in Robinson Park. Last week, Lonestar Soccer Club donated goals for the park thanks in part to Taylor Chamber of Commerce member Gerald Anderson.

“I was walking around the park, one of my ideas was to turn this into a soccer field. I thought about reaching out to Lonestar Soccer to see if they possibly had some goals to donate. I reached out to Jeff Jenkins of the city, reached out to Larry Foos and he called Lonestar and got them to donate the goals to us” said Anderson.

The first goal was placed in Robinson Park after it was picked up at the Lonestar Soccer Club's location in South Austin by Clay Raesz of Acme Trucking. Raesz will also be building an additional large goal to be placed at the opposite end of the field at the park.

“It shouldn’t take more than two or three days to get the goal out to the park, maybe a couple hours to construct,” said Raesz.

The smaller goals that were donated will, for the time being, be stored at Murphy Park and then set in place.

“To see these parks, get the amount of use they should be getting, you hate to see a big field like this sit empty. It can be used for recreation and it’s not costing the city a dime,” said Anderson.

The donation of the goals is just the beginning of a bigger project for the park.

“Obviously, we do cycle through goals as needed. We do have, at some facilities, older goals that we no longer use. Looking down the road were looking at possibly donating more so that eventually we might have up to four goals out here,” said Robert Lopez, Lonestar Soccer Club Taylor director. “I think the idea is really good. It provides more opportunity for these children to come out and play pickup games as they wish.”

One day at a time, the full project will eventually come to fruition as all sports, not just soccer, slowly make their return to the Taylor community.

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